Noblerex K1 Vibration Exercise Machine

Why You Should Avoid High G-Force Vibration Exercise Machines

Exposing the Myth's Of High G-Force


Beware of High G-Force MachinesSome whole body vibrations machines claim that more G-force is better boasting upwards to 17.4 g's of acceleration and beyond.
Before we dispel this potentially harmful myth, lets briefly define G-force and look at international safety standards along with common sense.

One “g” is equal to earth’s gravitational field, or an acceleration of 9.8 meters per second per second. Frequency corresponds to the number of cycles delivered per second.

Levels of vibration are typically considered as a function of magnitude (G-force), which depends on the frequency (Hz), amplitude (usually measured in millimeters) and the weight of the person. Plus the duration of exposure (time) and type of vibration (pivotal/oscillating, linear/vertical, etc.) is an important factor. Pivotal or oscillating motions are much gentler and beneficial than the pounding of an "up and down" vertical or linear machine which can be hard on the back and joints.



Is Vibration Therapy Safe?


There is mounting scientific evidence, through both animal and clinical studies, that low-level, mechanical signals, delivered via whole body vibration machines, can stimulate bone formation, assist in weight loss, reverse back and joint pain and arthritis, and assist in overall increased strength and mobility.

However, just because some vibration may be beneficial, not all vibration is the same and more vibration is not necessarily better.  One should always be concerned that “too much of a good thing” may be true in mechanical stimulation such as whole body vibration as well. Just because one aspirin is good for you, doesn’t mean that you should take 50 aspirin per day.



The Dangers of High G-Force Whole Body Vibration Machines


The acceleration magnitudes used in some whole body vibration machines can be as high as 17.4 or even 22.0g which is well beyond the limits recommended for human tolerance by ISO 2631 and OSHA standards, and can be considered dangerous to use, especially for the elderly or young. These ridiculously high G-forces are even beyond the safety limits set by NASA and the U.S. Airforce. Consider for example that the space shuttle is calibrated to stay close to only 3 g's on the takeoff and re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. Fighter pilots need special anti-G suits to withstand G-forces over 8 or 9 g's to prevent the pilots from fainting. And its generally considered that the average person could not survive a sustained G-force of over 15 g's (for even a few minutes). It simply defies safety standards and even common sense to use such high g -forces. 



Whole Body Vibration Machines- Two Motors vs. One by Dr Keith DeOrio (Must Read Article)

"All vibration machines produce vibration in 3 different directions, the most safe and effective platforms produce sufficient vertical vibration while limiting horizontal vibration.  Research has shown that significant vertical amplitude is required to generate adequate loading of the muscular and skeletal systems.  This can be achieved with one motor whole body vibration machines as well as dual motor types.


One or TwoA dual motor machine can produce a significant amount of force causing the vibrations to feel very intense.  If the machine has a large workout platform and is being used to primarily increase athletic performance this is a good thing.  However, dual motors with a smaller platform may cause too much neurologic integration causing sensory overload.  Whole Body Vibration stimulates every muscle, ligament, and tendon providing feedback to the brain.  Vibrations that are too strong can be very uncomfortable and can actually harm someone that is using the machine to treat a condition.  It’s almost impossible to get 2 motors to work at the exact same frequency at the same time.  Therefore it is not really delivering a consistent stimulus to do the right brain mapping for neurologic integration.  


A single motor machine is capable of producing adequate force for a more comfortable vibration.  These types of machines are great for 98% of the general public that tend to be de-conditioned.  They produce a desired amount of amplitude that is beneficial to the human body and not too intense.  Single motor machines provide a consistent stimulus for neurologic integration.   A single motor device therefore will balance the body and brain, helping to put your body into a whole brain functioning state.  High amplitudes are not typically achieved using a single motor system but the beneficial effect is still obtained. High amplitude is really not the most important mechanical objective in Whole Body Vibration.   


If you plan on using a machine for home use or rehabilitation, a one motor unit is best.  Only stand on a dual motor system if being supervised by a personal trainer or other WBV expert.  A more intense muscle contraction can be achieved using a dual motor system but guidance is necessary.


Most people believe that more is better, but when it comes to Whole Body Vibration this is not the case."


NOTE: The Noblerex K1 has only one single motor while many of the higher G-force machines have a dual motor. 



Why Noblerex K1?

The Noblerex K1 delivers a gentle, smooth pivotal or oscillating motion with 10 settings (and multiple foot placements). Because the Noblerex K1 is a oscillating or pivotal model, you can adjust your foot position to vary the g-force (along with the setting). This makes the Noblerex K1 work for even weak and elderly people (on the lower settings with feet close together - delivering much less than 1 g). The Noblerex K1 ALSO delivers safe, yet strong vibrations for athletes and people that are healthy and fit (upwards to 9 g's on the highest settings and feet all the way to the edges).

Plus we have "on staff" medical doctors that can assist you with a customized protocol and setting based on your level of health and specific health challenge.

AND... There is much more than g-force when considering a whole body vibration machine. 

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