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 Looking for a Vibration Exercise Machine? Know What Kind of Vibration Type You Want

Vibration exercise machines have been proven by various studies to provide a diverse list of health benefits, including toning muscles, decreasing cortisol, increasing serotonin and Human Growth Hormone, enhancing the ability of the lymphatic system to drain, and improving bone density, balance, and flexibility, just to name a few.

The decision to use a vibration exercise machine is easy to make, thanks to these many health benefits, but the question now becomes which machine to use? Narrowing down the playing field in such a diverse market may seem impossible, especially with the amount of biased consumer reviews that are posted all over the Internet.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites that host fake reviews in an effort to trick consumers into buying useless machines—especially machines that are sold by companies offering a generous referral fee. Though this may make research seem daunting, the truth is that finding the perfect vibration exercise machine is possible! With these 10 tips in mind, you can finally whittle down the best options for you and your family.

Should You Get A Linear or An Oscillating Vibration Exercise Machine?


Benefiting from vibrating exercise machines

It is crucial that you understand the difference between these two, as it can have a large impact on the benefits you receive. Keep in mind that there are really 3 different kinds of vibration exercise machines out there, however, the third kind (sonar/sound vibration) will cost you over 10,000 dollars. Due to its price tag, it really is not the kind of machine that you want to start out buying. 

Linear Versus Oscillating

- Linear vibration exercise machines are also called piston or tri-planar machines. The Power Plate, a common fitness machine, uses this type of vibration.

- Oscillating vibration exercise machines are also called pivotal or Triangular Oscillation Systems, which use a similar motion to the see-saws on playgrounds. This type of vibration is used by the Noblerex K1 Platinum - our machine. 

Linear Vibration Exercise Machines

Don’t be fooled by the websites that claim their models vibrate in three different dimensions—most of the machines on today’s market are linear. 

Truth be told, vibration exercise machines that are not oscillating need 3 dimensional movement to avoid causing a jack hammer-like effect on the body. This is because moving in a single up and down linear direction can absolutely cause back pain and injuries. Additionally, the up and down motion, which is akin to the movement of a piston, can result in joint, ligament, and tendon damage.

Though this may seem to make linear vibration exercise machines a poor choice, these machines do have value. Because they imitate the motion of jumping, they are often made good use of by sports professionals that wish to enhance what they call their “jump height.” Keep in mind though, that when used for other purposes the force exerted on the body, which can be up to six times the total body weight, can result in discomfort and pain.

An additional thing to consider is the fact that linear vibration exercise machines primarily use the larger muscle groups of the body—meaning that they fail to provide full-body results. The verdict on linear machines is that they are best suited for sports purposes. If you are looking for physical benefits other than a better jump height, you may want to look into the oscillating vibration exercise machines.

Oscillating Vibration Exercise Machines

Noblerex K1

Oscillating vibration exercise machines have been used to help individuals make great strides in their physical capabilities for years. Consider the work that the

Russians accomplished, in space and in athletics, through the use of the original Galileo machine. Because of its popularity, the oscillating vibration exercise machine has been the subject of a great deal of research, which has determined that it can support a larger amount of weight, is more gentle on the internal organs, can maintain a healthier spine, and has an overall less severe impact on the body as a whole.

These vibration exercise machines just make more sense than their competitors, as they illicit responses from your muscles that are similar to those achieved when walking. The anatomy of the body is developed around the spinal column, and demands that the body move back and forth to achieve forward motion. This is a movement that replicated by standing on a oscillating vibration exercise machine. Additionally, side-alternating machines can be used to improve balance.

One popular form of oscillation is the Triangular Oscillating System, which has been incorporated into our popular Noblerex K1. This motion causes your body to rock, and makes your muscles contract on alternate sides of the body to obtain balance. The result is a therapeutic workout that strengthens and tones the muscles while minimizing the potential damage to the body, including joint, tendon, and back injuries. Overall, it is a safe and effective method for people of all ages.

Both of these systems, linear and oscillating, provoke the involuntary reflexes of the muscles; however, oscillating vibration exercise machines offer a level of safety and comfort that linear vibration exercise machines do not.

After using an oscillating vibration exercise machine, people often feel lighter on their feet - thanks to the distribution of their weight across a larger area of their spine and a finer sense of balance. These side effects have been confirmed by a Spinal Analysis Machine, which is used by chiropractors and other healthcare professionals. Amazingly, using the oscillating vibration exercise machine can reduce one’s standing weight imbalance by up to 100 percent.

Both linear and oscillating vibration exercise machines have been researched by scientific studies, but the linear machines are much less gentle, causing pain, discomfort, and jarring to the spine. In fact, the National Space Biomedical Institute conducted a study in 2007 and found that: “transmission of vibration to the head was 71 to 189% greater during vertical than rotational vibration” and “rotational vibration has the lowest risk of negative side effects” (Abercromby, A., et al. Vibration Exposure and Biodynamic Responses During Whole Body Vibration Training. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2007 Oct;39(10):1794-800).

Pivotal or oscillating vibration exercise machines are great tools for people of all ages looking for an easy method of vibration to incorporate into their exercise routine. Effectual and comfortable, this is a tool that will work well for all age groups and fitness levels. Better yet, it is perfect for use with and without a personal trainer, so you can use these machines on your own time.

Pivotal vibration exercise machines are also more flexible in the results they provide, as you can adjust the intensity of the workout by manipulating your stance on the platform. The closer you move your feet the less intense the workout will become.

As a side note, vibration exercise machines that claim to utilize multiple kinds of vibrations are not safe! Stay away from these because they are relatively new to the market and are not as reliable as the machines that specialize in one type of vibration.

Clearly, oscillating vibration exercise machines provide a long list of benefits:


Oscillating Vibration Machine

- Alternate activation of individual muscles and muscle groups, resulting in the toning and strengthening of core muscles.

- The improvement of both posture and balance due to a movement pattern that mimics the natural muscle contractions involved in walking.

- A reduction of the vibrations at the head, as the movement is centered around the core of the body.

- The ability to control the intensity of the workout by altering your stance.

- Less stress on your joints due to less impact overall, thanks to the natural movement and the involvement of the pelvis region of the body.

- Higher fitness level due to natural muscle contractions in a criss-cross pattern.

- A safe and effective method of exercise.




The Gravitational Impact of Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines

Gravitational Impact of Whole Body Vibration Machine

As previously discussed, linear vibration exercise machines can incur a load, or impact, of up to six times the weight of your body—a figure that varies depending upon the individual machine used and your posture. This will certainly cause discomfort and pain for anyone that suffers from joint or spine problems, and even those without them.

Oscillating vibration exercise machines, on the other hand, only incur a 30 percent load due to their natural movement. This is an impact level that is less than almost all physical exercise, including running, jumping, and even walking! For this reason, oscillating vibration exercise machines are wonderful resources for elderly and disabled individuals. With a rapid but gentle rocking motion, oscillating machines reduce the level of impact and provide a safer, more comfortable experience, instead of a jarring one incurred by linear vibration exercise machines.





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