What You Absolutely Must Know Before Buying ANY Whole Body Vibration Machine

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What You Absolutely Must Know Before Buying ANY Whole Body Vibration Machine


Introduction: With all the different whole body vibration machines now available, how do we know which ones are the best?

Hopefully if you are here you are interested in learning more about whole body vibration exercise because, according to the research, the benefits range far and wide.

So the question is, What Whole Body Vibration Machine should I choose?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and bogus review sites that mislead and even outright scam potential buyers.

Our goal with the next handful of blog posts is to stick with the facts: the research done on whole body vibration, and the reviews customers have given these machines.

We will then review the four most popular pivotal, or oscillating, whole body vibration machines on each tip.  How do we know these are the most popular? These are the ones we are asked to compare the Noblerex K1 to the most by far!  They are: the Nitrofit, and Vibraslim Europate.

Although there are many other machines such as the Turbosonic, Powerplate, Powervibe, Proelixe, T-Zone, VibraFlex, Vibratrim, and more… We are seeing that the Noblerex, Nitrofit, and Vibraslim Europlate are by far the most researched and asked about oscillating vibration machines today.

Tip #1 – Is the Whole Body Vibration Machine Strong Enough, Yet Safe?


The machine should be strong enough to fatigue the muscles and create a strength gain.  It should reach 25-28 Hz because the majority of research with whole body vibration machines found that range to be a real “sweet spot” for bone density improvement and other benefits.  Any more Hz than that is not necessary and is not well tested.   A 2 Horsepower motor is ideal.

The machine needs to be safe enough for people to use it as a therapeutic or chiropractic device though.  The motor needs to be a quality motor that will produce a vibration that is not wobbly, jolting, or rough.  Also, vertical or linear vibration machines can be quite shocking to the body of an older or frail person.

The Noblerex has goes up to 28 Hz, has a 14 mm amplitude, and a 2 HP motor.

The Nitrofit goes up to 30 Hz, has a 13 mm amplitude, and a 1.5 HP motor.

The Vibraslim’s website says it goes up to 30 Hz, has a 10 mm amplitude, and it does not say the horsepower

Tip #2 – Is the amplitude at least 13 Millimeters?

It should also have a strong amplitude such as 14 millimeters.  The amplitude is how far up and down the sides of the plate move.  We will feel much more of a workout with a 14 mm amplitude compared to a 10 or 11 mm amplitude.

Tip #3 – Will You Receive Unlimited Expert Support at No Additional Cost?


Make sure you will get support when needed. Everybody is different and you may need a little help AFTER you buy to insure you get the full benefit of the machine.

The MRS 2000 offers the best support and education with a 350 textbook, dedicated support specialist nationwide trainings and regular conference calls. No other company comes close to the training education and support you will receive.

Tip #4 – Is the Device Easy to Use?

This one is simple. Is the Machine easy to use?

The MRS 2000 is the easiest of the 3 machines to use AND You can leave all the attachments plugged in.

Its so easy we have several small children that can get it to work. The QRS and Bemer 3000 are more awkward and difficult to use and don’t allow for ALL three attachments to remained plugged in.

Tip #5 – Is the Platform Non-Slip?


You don’t want it to be slippery!

Tip #6 – Are there High Quality, Verifiable Customer Reviews?


This tip is the most important: Verifiable Case Studies, Positive Customer reviews and Testimonials. Basically, does the machine work and give real results? Ask for a comprehensive list of customer reviews and if possible try to talk to some of them.

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  • Louise

    Is this machine safe for people who have pacemaker without defibrillator?