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Whole Body Vibration Machine AC Versus DC EMF Warning

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Noblerex K1 AC Versus DC EMF

This article will address some recent questions raised by a dubious whole body vibration review website out there on the dangers of whole body vibration machines with an AC Motor versus those with a DC Motor (we have an AC 100-120 Volt Motor). Mainly, we want to dispel the danger our machine creates in the form of EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) as well as raise some eyebrows at the credibility of this review site.

Below is the paragraph on the site we’re responding to:


WARNING!!! Beware of WBV machines that have HIGH RF AND EMF FREQUENCIES!

There are only a few machines that were found to be completely free of RF and contain Zero magnetic field around the vibrating Platform. Newer machines are manufactured using DC centrifugally vibrating motors. Some machines in the market that are build with AC motor or Sonic magnets are loaded with RF and are very rich in Magnetic Field MF. Those Magnetic Fields may deteriorate the cartilages of our feet if we stand on the vibrating platform, our hands and palms if we do push ups, our hips if we sit on it. (MANY MANUALS SAY NOT TO PUT YOUR HEAD CLOSE TO THE PLATFORM, THIS IS THE REASON). Also, the big attention and warning is that uncontrolled MF and rich RF may cause bone cancer. I am sure that you heard the warning about the magnetic fields in the cellular Phones that might cause brain cancer? Well, the magnetic fields on the some AC motor platforms are hundreds of times stronger then those of the cellular phones. Most machines are loaded with those powerful MF and RF and are exposing their customers and their trainers to a very high risk!



This is such a bogus claim/ marketing spin, we’re not sure where to start but we’ll start listing it out here:

1)  We have tested our machine with EMF testing device (tri-field meter) and when on, it reads no higher than the EMF coming from an iPhone or Laptop.  (Pictures will be uploaded soon.) In fact – the computer (an iMac) is 4-5 times as strong! Keep in mind, we spend A LOT more than just 10 or 20 minutes a day on the phone or in front of our computer. This alone makes any EMFs coming from a whole body vibration machine a moot point when you’re looking at the benefits of whole body vibration technology.  (The blow dryer had significant EMFs coming from it when on as well).  Ten minutes of being on a whole body vibration machine is nothing, compared to the EMFs we’re exposed to in everyday life.

2)  We’re not sure where the person behind this website is getting his information from, regarding which machines have AC and DC motors, but the machine he’s really pushing is the Hypergravity Gyminator, and on their website it says that the Hypergravity Gyminator has a 110-115 Volt AC Motor, as seen in the snapshot below. This makes us wonder if the claims on the other machines are fictitious as well.  We are still looking into this and so far we’ve found two other machines that supposedly have DC motors to have AC motors.

AC Versus DC EMF

3) Unless you have a built-in converter at the wall, Alternating Current (AC) is coming out of the wall and into the machine, and you’re still getting some EMFs.  There’s no way you are getting ZERO EMFs unless the converter is at the wall and even then, anything that plugs into the wall has a 60 Hertz current, so that’s something.  We have called up the machines that do in fact have DC motors and their converters are in the machine, thus making this zero EMF claim completely false.

4)  A quick look around at this site and you will see just how professional, or unprofessional, the operator behind it is: for example, this page here or even worse, here.

More on this topic is on the way, but for now, we leave you with the above points.  It all boils down to stupid sales techniques. Unfortunately, we see no un-biased review sites out there at the moment.

Please feel free to call us anytime with questions on AC verus DC and EMFs, or anything else: 800-518-4272