What about vibration machine companies advertising a really high G-Force?

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So what about vibration machine companies advertising a really high G-Force? (15+ Gs)

Some companies advertise their machines to have exceptionally high (maximum) G Forces. For example, one company has tested their machine to measure at 17 Gs. Simply put, that means 17 times the force of gravity is put upon you, the user.  That is your weight times 17 on planet earth. And the more you weigh, or if you’re carrying some extra pounds, you are going to feel that pressure even more. As further reference, most vibration exercise machines under $5,000 have a G Force of 3-6 Gs.

At first glance, 17 Gs sounds like a much better deal. The more, the better, right? Well the truth is that most people simply cannot take that kind of intensity on their joints and ligaments, especially seniors. It’s a lot of pressure, and it’s causing so much up and down movement, it begins to feel more like a vertical/linear machine than a pivotal machine (please revisit questions #1 and 12 for information on vertical or linear machines). Most people will not feel comfortable at that strong of a vibration or they will not use the machine as much.

Let’s say you are an athlete though, in top shape, and can handle this G-Force. You don’t actually want to do vibration exercise at this intensity for more than 3 minutes, 3 times a week, or something similar to that. I have used the Galileo (the original pivotal vibration machine), and it was NOT comfortable. The trainer understood my discomfort and explained to me that his athletes only use the machine for 3-5 minutes at a time.

One last thing to think about…a home use machine (5K or less) with an exceptionally high G Force is going to break down much faster than an expensive machine (the Galileo is 12k) with an exceptionally high G Force or a home use machine with a moderate G Force. These machines are an investment, so you want the machine that you will be using the most for the longest amount of time.

G-Force is not everything..amplitude, comfort, durability, high-quality reviews, and all of the other aspects covered in this buyers guide are noteworthy too.

The Noblerex K1Machine has a max G Force of 9 and an impressive amplitude of 14. When you stand at the edges of the platform and it’s vibrating 7-28 times per second, this feels like quite the workout.  It’s a G Force and frequency that people can handle. Most importantly, it delivers the benefits of whole body vibration exercise as you can see on our testimonial site here. No need to pay more, or end up with, a machine with excessive G force you couldn’t handle.

What Drives Vibrating Exercise Machines?

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How Does the Noblerex K1 Work?

The technology behind the Noblerex K1 machine is what drives its performance. The machine is extremely simple to use. The Noblerex K1 has a platform and a pair of handles, so we can comfortably stand on the machine while allowing its more complex features to go to work.

The Noblerex runs on a Triangular Oscillating System, or T.O.S. This proprietary vibration technology is an improvement on the first full body vibration exercise machine—the Galileo. The T.O.S. makes the platform oscillate. Basically, when one side of the platform raises the other side drops. This vibration moves rather quickly, contracting our muscles between seven and 28 times per second (depending on the settings).

Anyone at any fitness level can benefit from the Noblerex K1. When using the Noblerex K1, we can control four settings that determine our experience on the machine. These settings include:

  1. Frequency: This setting allows us to choose from levels one through ten, which range from seven to 28 hertz. The Noblerex also offers three automated levels that function as interval training.
  2. Duration: A timer on the platform keeps track of our workouts. The recommended workout routine is ten minutes per day, three to five days per week.
  3. Amplitude: Our stance on the platform can change the intensity of our workout. The platform gets thicker as it moves outward, so standing with our feet on the outside edges is more challenging than standing with our feet in the center.
  4. Exercise position: Traditional floor exercise positions as well as yoga positions increase the intensity of our workout.

These settings allow us to create a unique workout experience tailored to our fitness needs.

How Does It Improve Fitness and Strength?

A workout that is accessible for people of all strength and fitness levels, whole body vibration helps us build muscle and create leaner shapes. Here are some of the ways that this tool can help us improve our fitness:

A high level of stretch reflexes (ranging from seven to 28 per second) works our muscles faster than traditional resistance and weight training exercises.

  • Noblerex K1 engages voluntary and involuntary muscles. This tones and strengthens our arms, legs, and cores in addition to our smooth fibers. An estimated 40 percent of our bodies’ muscles are engaged in traditional strength training, but an astounding 97 percent are involved in whole body vibration.
  • Adjustable settings allow us to customize our workouts. With the right settings, we can improve our circulation and lymphatic flow while building muscle mass.
  • Full body vibration increases testosterone by up to seven percent. This creates more responsive fast-twitch muscle fibers, an increase in overall energy, and the ability of our muscles to recover faster after a workout.

One of the best features of the Noblerex K1 Platinum is that its settings can adapt to our fitness levels as we continue to grow stronger. The best part about it? We don’t have to buy a new machine to up the ante on our fitness routine! No matter what our fitness levels, the Noblerex K1 Platinum is able to help us continue to build our strength.

Give us a call at 800-518-4272 with any questions you might have, and be sure to download our free Buyers Guide coming out in July 2012!

The Noblerex vibration exercise machine helped Ioana sleep better after the first week

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“After just one week of using the Noblerex K1, I started sleeping better”

“My friend, Terri has a Noblerex K1 vibration exercise machine and I tried it at her office. I was so impressed about the deep healing that happened in my body in only 10 minutes. The third time I tried it, I was fighting a head cold and I was feeling really bad. My balance and eyesight were impaired and I had a lot of pain in my head. One hour after I used the Noblerex K1, it was ALL gone. Pain in my head, lack of energy, everything. I had more energy that I normally had. That moment, I realized I had to get one. I had no idea how but I was sure it was going happen.

Whole Body Vibration Machines: Where Do They Come From?

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Our bodies contain 206 bones and even more muscles, all of which allow us to move. But simply having bones and muscles is not enough to ensure that we keep moving. If we lose bone mineral density, bone mass, muscle tone, or strength we can find our mobility to be quite limited. In turn, limited mobility can harm our health and stop us from exercising. The end result? We cannot stay healthy.

Whole body vibration was invented in Russia. After sending cosmonauts into space, Russian scientists quickly noticed that they weren’t returning in great health. They lost bone mineral density, muscle tone, and strength. With gravitational forces hovering around zero, cosmonauts had no way to keep up their muscle mass. The Russians created a training program that let their space travelers explore the final frontier and maintain their health. As a result, whole body vibration was born.

First introduced in the 1970s, whole body vibration machines simulate gravity to provide resistance to the body. Thanks to this resistance, space explorers upheld their health while orbiting the Earth. In fact, Russian cosmonauts spent a record number of over 420 days in outer space without suffering from substantial loss of bone density or muscle mass. When the cosmonauts returned, the Russians quickly put their new machines to work for the country’s most talented athletes.

Whole body vibration triggers controlled contractions of the muscles, which contributes greatly to athletic training. Russian athletes dominated the 1980s Olympics after building up muscle mass and bone density with whole body vibration.

This training technique spread to the United States in the 1990s and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, whole body vibration machines, like the Noblerex K1 Platinum, are available to members of the public. Now we can benefit from the same training that Russian cosmonauts and Olympians pioneered.

Today’s Whole Body Vibration Machines

Whole body vibrating machines were extremely expensive when they first hit the market. They were only available to professional athletes and people who could pay upwards of $10,000 for them. Competition drove prices down considerably after numerous manufacturers entered the market. Now members of the general public can afford to have these machines in their homes.

One of the most affordable and effective of these machines is the Noblerex K1 Platinum. The Noblerex provides an hour’s worth of exercise in just ten minutes. This machine targets muscles that we simply cannot workout at the gym. The benefits of the Noblerex K1 include:

• Muscle conditioning, including an increase in muscle mass, that tones the body
• Increased fitness potential, sparked by the engagement of an average of 97 percent of our bodies’ muscle fibers (traditional exercise targets approximately 45 percent of our muscles)
• Enhanced flexibility, balance, range of motion, and mobility
• Improved neuromuscular stimulation
• Training of fast twitch muscles, resulting in quicker speed and muscle response
• Increased blood flow
• Augmented testosterone levels, which improve energy, red blood cell production, and recovery time