Vibration Machines: What to Look for Tips #4-10

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Tip #4: What’s the G-Force of the vibration machine?

G-Force of a Vibration Machine

Frequency, horsepower, and amplitude come together to produce a G-Force. G-Force is your body weight times the earth’s gravity. Standing still is a G-Force of one. So G-Force is like the amount of weight you can lift in your workout. This is the key to most of the benefits of whole body vibration! Many cheaply made machines are not going to be strong enough to move you fast enough or strong enough. The original Galileo which cost upwards of $12,000 has a G-Force of over 20. This can be uncomfortable at best for the average person and is more suitable for athletes in top condition.

Most people feel that G Forces of 4 and up are strong enough so it’s not necessary to pay top dollar for extra G’s you’re never going to use.

The Noblerex K1 has a max G Force of 9 at the edges of the platform.

Tip #5: Is the Vibration Machine a Knockoff or Made in China?

We recommend taking a look at the Noblerex K1 site for images of Chinese knockoffs. The pictures speak for themselves. What seems to be like hundreds of different vibration machines on the market is really just two dozen or so machines. Make sure you’re not paying a thousand dollars or more a machine it cost just $150 to make.

The Noblerex K1 is made in Korea and you won’t find another machine out there with the Noblerex K1 body but different name.

Tip #6: Is the vibration machine safe to use therapeutically and is it doctor recommended?

Especially if you’re planning on using the machine for therapeutic use such as osteoporosis, medical weight loss, neuromuscular rehabilitation, fibromyalgia, or some other rehabilitation, the machine needs to be doctor tested, proven, and recommended. The motor needs to be a quality motor that will produce a smooth vibration that is not wobbly, jolting, or rough. Of important note, vertical or linear vibration machines can be quite shocking to the body of an older or physically weak person.

Also, not all whole body vibration machines are actual medical devices nor designed for vibration therapy purposes. This is even stated in some of user manuals in bold, all-caps font. Therefore, these are probably not the machines if you need to use whole body vibration for therapy. To ensure you get a safe machine that is proven to work, and is of institutional quality, we highly recommend getting a medically proven and recommended whole body vibration machine.

The Noblerex K1 has been found by doctors at a medical clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, to be the safest, most efficient, and most economical model that they could purchase. It is recommended by more physicians than any other whole body vibration machine on the market and it suitable for ALL ages and fitness levels. Kids, teenagers, athletes, people with health challenges, baby boomers and senior citizens use it. They have a customer, Lee Vayle, who is 97 years young and uses it!

Tip #7: Is the vibration machine going to last you for years to come?

A commercial built vibration machine ensures the motor and parts are built to last. This means it is built tough enough to use all day long in a gym, office, or clinical setting. And if you’re not planning on using it commercially, it means the machine could last you for years or even decades if you plan on using it just for yourself or your family.

Because the investment is not small when it comes to whole body vibration machines, we recommend considering buying a commercially built machine, especially if it is under $5,000, because it means it could last you 8 years or longer as opposed to 1-3 years.

When comparing the Noblerex to other vibration equipment, please be sure to compare it to another commercially rated model so you can get an “apples to apples” comparison.

Tip #8: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Noblerex K1 15 Day Guarantee

Be sure you have at least a week to try out the machine in your home to see if you are comfortable and challenged with the exercise and feel a difference in your body in 2-3 days. Look for feelings of soreness, as if you just worked out at the gym the day before. OR, notice any temporary disappearance of pain (back pain, knee pain etc) the next day. Also, look for a boost in mood, energy, and/or improvement in sleep. Any one of these occurrences is a definite sign the machine is benefiting your health.

Although some companies charge a 10% restocking fee, a complete money back guarantee is ideal. Free shipping both ways is rare but ideal.

Tip #9: Will you receive unlimited expert support at no additional cost?

Be sure you have access to free unlimited customer support when needed at any time after your order. You may need a little extra or personalized help after you buy to insure you get the full benefit of the machine. Also, you never know when your circumstances will change and will need to use the machine for therapeutic use or to rehabilitate yourself from an injury. Last but not least, is the company located in the US and have English speaking representatives you feel comfortable communicating with?

Noblerex K1 company prides itself on customer support and education with a dedicated support specialist and doctor on staff. No other company comes close to the customer service and support you will receive.

Tip #10: Are there high quality, verifiable customer testimonials and reviews?

This tip is one of the most overlooked: positive customer testimonials, reviews, and customer service feedback available to view online. You want to know if the machine works and gives real results, right? Ask for a comprehensive list of customer reviews and see if you find any you can relate to.

The testimonial website for the Noblerex K1 is