What about vibration machine companies advertising a really high G-Force?

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So what about vibration machine companies advertising a really high G-Force? (15+ Gs)

Some companies advertise their machines to have exceptionally high (maximum) G Forces. For example, one company has tested their machine to measure at 17 Gs. Simply put, that means 17 times the force of gravity is put upon you, the user.  That is your weight times 17 on planet earth. And the more you weigh, or if you’re carrying some extra pounds, you are going to feel that pressure even more. As further reference, most vibration exercise machines under $5,000 have a G Force of 3-6 Gs.

At first glance, 17 Gs sounds like a much better deal. The more, the better, right? Well the truth is that most people simply cannot take that kind of intensity on their joints and ligaments, especially seniors. It’s a lot of pressure, and it’s causing so much up and down movement, it begins to feel more like a vertical/linear machine than a pivotal machine (please revisit questions #1 and 12 for information on vertical or linear machines). Most people will not feel comfortable at that strong of a vibration or they will not use the machine as much.

Let’s say you are an athlete though, in top shape, and can handle this G-Force. You don’t actually want to do vibration exercise at this intensity for more than 3 minutes, 3 times a week, or something similar to that. I have used the Galileo (the original pivotal vibration machine), and it was NOT comfortable. The trainer understood my discomfort and explained to me that his athletes only use the machine for 3-5 minutes at a time.

One last thing to think about…a home use machine (5K or less) with an exceptionally high G Force is going to break down much faster than an expensive machine (the Galileo is 12k) with an exceptionally high G Force or a home use machine with a moderate G Force. These machines are an investment, so you want the machine that you will be using the most for the longest amount of time.

G-Force is not everything..amplitude, comfort, durability, high-quality reviews, and all of the other aspects covered in this buyers guide are noteworthy too.

The Noblerex K1Machine has a max G Force of 9 and an impressive amplitude of 14. When you stand at the edges of the platform and it’s vibrating 7-28 times per second, this feels like quite the workout.  It’s a G Force and frequency that people can handle. Most importantly, it delivers the benefits of whole body vibration exercise as you can see on our testimonial site here. No need to pay more, or end up with, a machine with excessive G force you couldn’t handle.

Best Vibration Exercise Machines

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Below is another excerpt from our expert interview with Bryant Meyers on the difference between all the oscillating/pivotal machines on the market – “Which are the best vibration exercise machines?” (The previous excerpt on the best vibration exercise machine was here.)

Lenette: Thanks for explaining the difference between the two different vibrations. I’ve done a lot of research on it, too. Another question I get a lot that I’m sure you probably get a lot, too, is: we know we want to stay away from vertical vibration machines or tri-planar vibration machines. What about all of these other oscillating or pivotal machines on the market? If you look, and I’ve looked, too, there are a lot of $300, $500, $1000 models out there. Let’s talk a little bit about what makes the Nobelrex K1 one of the best vibration exercise machines on the market.

The Best Vibration Exercise Machines:  6 Reasons the Noblerex K1 Beats the rest

Bryant: When I talk to people, I have what I feel are six solid reasons why the Noblerex is one of the best vibration exercise machines out there, and I’ve tried a lot of them. I can’t say I’ve tried them all because they’ve got new ones coming out all the time.

When you go searching online, what you’re going to see is patterns. You’re gonna see the same machine showing up with different labels. Even though it looks like there’s 100 different websites, there’s probably only about 20 to 30 machines. A lot of them are just recycled with different labels.

The first reason that I think the Noblerex K1 is better than all those cheaper models is it’s commercially-rated. It has the capacity to hold up to 330 pounds and it’s rated for up to 4 hours continuous use or a total of 8 hours a day, stop and go. These cheaper machines are not commercially-rated, so you couldn’t use them in a gym, clinic, spa, etc. Why would somebody who wants it for home want a commercially-rated? It’s going to last longer and you’re not gonna have to worry about it breaking down.

The second point to consider is that the Noblerex K1′s vibrations are much smoother.  When you stand on the other cheaper ones like I have, you notice the cheaper machines have a choppier vibration. It’s a little more unpleasant. You can just tell that something, the engineering, there’s something is just a little cheaper about it. You can feel it when you stand on it.

The third reason is that the Noblerex K1, for a commercially-rated machine, is actually one of the most affordable of all the commercially-rated whole body vibration machines, most of which are $8 to $9 to $10,000 or more, when you really look at all the commercial machines out there.

The fourth reason that I think the Noblerex K1 is a better choice over the cheaper ones is that the amplitude is better. Not only is the motor more commercially-rated and durable, but it has a stronger amplitude. It’s got a 15 millimeter amplitude where most of the cheaper ones are around 10 to 11 at best. That doesn’t sound like a big difference…

Lenette: What does amplitude mean for people listening?

Bryant: Intensity. How high up and down at the very edges. Think of it as like a miniature teeter totter vibrating. From the low to the high point, it’s 15 millimeters. That’s the displacement or the amplitude of the intensity. The best vibration exercise machines, basically what it boils down to, is you feel stronger vibration. A greater amplitude means more intensity means a stronger vibration, so you can feel it better. You can feel it’s stronger.

Some of the cheaper machines, because they only have a 10 to 11 millimeter amplitude, you stand on them and it’s more like a little buzzy noise. You’re not really getting that strong amplitude so it feels like a weaker vibration. It’s choppier. It’s weaker and the motors are weaker motors and they tend to break down easier.

Like we said, those cheaper machines are out there, oscillating or pivotal, but this brings up the fifth reason. They have the choppy vibrations, the weaker amplitude and the weaker motors. What can happen when you stand on these cheaper machines…let’s say somebody weights like 200 pounds. The vibration will really start slowing down because the motor’s weaker, so you’re not getting the rating. If it’s rated for whatever frequency, the machine will just start slowing down because it’s too much weight. They don’t handle that much weight and the motors can burn out real easily because of that.

The last reason, and this point actually does just apply to the Noblerex K1 is that the K1 is suitable for all ages, including people that are really fit. The people that are really fit would not get as much benefit from the cheaper machines, because again the weaker amplitudes mean less workout. Maybe some really elderly people would, but even then, like I said, the vibrations are choppier. It would be a little uncomfortable. The K1 machine is really one of the few machines that would benefit absolutely anyone, unless somebody couldn’t stand up at all.

We hope this gave you some points to consider when choosing the best vibration exercise machines.  To listen to the entire interview on the Noblerex K1, please sign up for our free introduction video on our homepage to have the video link as well as interview link e-mailed to you right away.