Vibration Exercise Machine: Turbosonic vs Noblerex K1 Comparison Charts

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Vibration exercise machine side-by-side comparisons? Look no further.

We’ve started to compile vibration plate comparison charts looking at different companies and models side-by-side. Featured here is the Turbosonic and Sonic Life machines versus the Noblerex K1 Platinum model.  The main factors in choosing a vibration exercise machine are: vibration type, approved use, weight load, frequency range, amplitude, settings, assembly time, G-force, accessories, and much more are included in each comparison chart. Of course, there are monetary factors too, such as shipping cost, taxes, warranty, satisfaction back guarantee, and bottom line price.

In our second comparison chart, we look at two sonic vibration machines and the K1 machine.  All data was obtained from the respective companies websites or on the phone from the sales representative.

A free report in weighting some of these vibrating exercise machine features, as well as determining the importance of them for you, is the “Buyers Guide to Vibration Exercise Machines 2012.” Available for free download on the Noblerex K1 site. In the guide are full explanations of the first 16 features in the comparison chart. These explanations aim to eliminate confusion as well as educate on what’s going to be most important for YOU.

Those who download the free whole body vibration guide will also receive a $100 off coupon code towards the Noblerex K1 if they choose to invest in that model.

We advise shoppers to review these vibration machine comparison charts, read the vibration exercise machine guide, call the companies, and make their decision from there.

Whole body vibration exercise is such a efficient and effective way to exercise, energize, and rejuvenate your body – there are no excuses now not to choose the machine that will work best for you and your family.

Grab your free copy of the Vibration Exercise Machine Guide here.

New Vibration Exercise Machine Testimonial from Janis S.

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“I absolutely love it! I’ve decided I’m not going to grow old gracefully!”

“Hi, this is Janis Spangler from Gahanna, Ohio. I will be 65 years old July 9th.  Since I’ve gotten my Noblerex machine, I’ve been using it every other day to let my muscles build and I absolutely love it.
I’ve seen some muscle mass starting. I’ve decided that I’m not going grow old gracefully; and so since I’ve been using the machine I have more energy…I can’t wait until the next experience to get on the machine to work the muscles. It’s absolutely wonderful and I’ve been telling all my friends about it and I just absolutely love it. I’m seeing that the muscle mass is strengthening.
The energy level and everything is starting to really build in me again. Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell you about the Noblerex machine. Again, I absolutely love it and can’t wait until I can get on it again the next day. Thank you.”

Listen to this testimonial by going to our Noblerex testimonials website here.

Thank you Janis!

2012 Buyers Guide to Vibration Exercise Machines

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Are you still confused about whole body vibration exercise machines and how to chose the best one for you? 

Well this just in: 
The 2012 Official Vibration Exercise Machine Buyers Guide, “The 16 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy Any Vibration Exercise Machine.” 

Get the guide here and learn what to look for in a machine and what to watch out for.

Here’s a small sample of the contents:

Page 4: Does the vibration machine have the best range of frequencies to give you the results? 
Page 6: What’s the G Force of the machine? 
Page 6: Is the Vibration Machine a Knockoff, or is it Made in China? 
Page 9: Is the vibration machine safe to use therapeutically and is it doctor recommended? 
Page 10: The question you forgot to ask… 

Have questions after reading the guide or want to talk about your specific situation? Give us a ring! We’d love to know your feedback and how we 
can help you.

Just fill out the form and get immediate access!
P.S. The guide is a quick read– it takes about 10-15 minutes and it’ll save you thousands of dollars and your time researching and possibly returning a machine, plus help you take the next step in getting back your health. I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s priceless, right?

The Noblerex vibration exercise machine helped Ioana sleep better after the first week

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“After just one week of using the Noblerex K1, I started sleeping better”

“My friend, Terri has a Noblerex K1 vibration exercise machine and I tried it at her office. I was so impressed about the deep healing that happened in my body in only 10 minutes. The third time I tried it, I was fighting a head cold and I was feeling really bad. My balance and eyesight were impaired and I had a lot of pain in my head. One hour after I used the Noblerex K1, it was ALL gone. Pain in my head, lack of energy, everything. I had more energy that I normally had. That moment, I realized I had to get one. I had no idea how but I was sure it was going happen.