How Do Vibrating Exercise Machines Aid Weight Loss?

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Weight loss is a common goal for individuals who use vibrating exercise machines, such as the Noblerex K1. But how is it that this form of exercise is able to assist you in shedding unwanted pounds? And how does a vibrating exercise machine fit into a well-rounded weight loss strategy?

Vibration Leads to Weight Loss in Multiple Ways

According to, there are numerous ways in which this form of exercise can help you lose weight. This particular mode of exercise has many effects on your body, which is why it is able to encourage weight loss through several avenues.

First, it can increase your metabolism. With a faster metabolism, your body will burn calories at a higher rate and naturally burn off excess fat. Your metabolism is boosted by the simple act of exercising. As you work out, your muscles become stronger. The development of these muscles leads to more energy burned. Over the course of the day, then, your body burns more calories naturally than it would if you had less muscle tone.

While the increase in metabolism alone won’t lead to weight loss, it will allow you to burn more calories in a day and increase your caloric deficit. This deficit is the difference between the amount of calories you consume and the amount your body uses (if it uses more than it consumes; if not, it is called a surplus). This deficit is what contributes to weight loss.

But simply improving muscle tone is just part of what vibration exercise machines do to assist in a well-developed weight loss plan. Vibration is, due to its nature, able to work more muscles than traditional weight lifting or resistance exercises. As such, you are able to tone a wider range of muscles and increase your metabolism faster than without a vibration exercise machine.

Naturally, then, you can see how the intensity of the workout provided by vibration is a bit higher than that of a regular exercise routine. But the trick to retaining this intensity without causing injury is in the lack of stress that this type of workout presents. When using vibration to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, you don’t have to add weight to your dumbbells or cause undue stress on your joints. The actual use of the machine is comfortable and, though effective, results in less stress than other exercise methods.

What Role Does Your Vibration Exercise Machine Play in Your Weight Loss Strategy?

Vibration exercise is an effective way to lose weight, but only when incorporated into a well-rounded fitness strategy. To get the most out of your workout efforts, use your vibration exercise machine while conducting other workouts. This will enhance the intensity and make each squat, lunge, or pushup count. Additionally, make sure to maintain a well-rounded, highly nutritious diet and to ensure that you are consuming enough calories.

You may think that working out more can simply offset the effects of a less healthy diet, but this isn’t quite accurate. While you might be able to counteract the higher number of calories you eat, you have to make sure that your body gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive. As such, a healthy diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, among other important food items, is essential to a successful weight loss strategy.

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