What Drives Vibrating Exercise Machines?

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How Does the Noblerex K1 Work?

The technology behind the Noblerex K1 machine is what drives its performance. The machine is extremely simple to use. The Noblerex K1 has a platform and a pair of handles, so we can comfortably stand on the machine while allowing its more complex features to go to work.

The Noblerex runs on a Triangular Oscillating System, or T.O.S. This proprietary vibration technology is an improvement on the first full body vibration exercise machine—the Galileo. The T.O.S. makes the platform oscillate. Basically, when one side of the platform raises the other side drops. This vibration moves rather quickly, contracting our muscles between seven and 28 times per second (depending on the settings).

Anyone at any fitness level can benefit from the Noblerex K1. When using the Noblerex K1, we can control four settings that determine our experience on the machine. These settings include:

  1. Frequency: This setting allows us to choose from levels one through ten, which range from seven to 28 hertz. The Noblerex also offers three automated levels that function as interval training.
  2. Duration: A timer on the platform keeps track of our workouts. The recommended workout routine is ten minutes per day, three to five days per week.
  3. Amplitude: Our stance on the platform can change the intensity of our workout. The platform gets thicker as it moves outward, so standing with our feet on the outside edges is more challenging than standing with our feet in the center.
  4. Exercise position: Traditional floor exercise positions as well as yoga positions increase the intensity of our workout.

These settings allow us to create a unique workout experience tailored to our fitness needs.

How Does It Improve Fitness and Strength?

A workout that is accessible for people of all strength and fitness levels, whole body vibration helps us build muscle and create leaner shapes. Here are some of the ways that this tool can help us improve our fitness:

A high level of stretch reflexes (ranging from seven to 28 per second) works our muscles faster than traditional resistance and weight training exercises.

  • Noblerex K1 engages voluntary and involuntary muscles. This tones and strengthens our arms, legs, and cores in addition to our smooth fibers. An estimated 40 percent of our bodies’ muscles are engaged in traditional strength training, but an astounding 97 percent are involved in whole body vibration.
  • Adjustable settings allow us to customize our workouts. With the right settings, we can improve our circulation and lymphatic flow while building muscle mass.
  • Full body vibration increases testosterone by up to seven percent. This creates more responsive fast-twitch muscle fibers, an increase in overall energy, and the ability of our muscles to recover faster after a workout.

One of the best features of the Noblerex K1 Platinum is that its settings can adapt to our fitness levels as we continue to grow stronger. The best part about it? We don’t have to buy a new machine to up the ante on our fitness routine! No matter what our fitness levels, the Noblerex K1 Platinum is able to help us continue to build our strength.

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K1 Machine: Verses the Popular Plate

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Below is another excerpt from our expert interview with Bryant on the difference between the K1 Machine and the Popular Plate we see at large gyms.

Lenette: I know that you mentioned at the very beginning of this interview that you first found out about whole body vibration technology with the popular Plate brand. I think that a lot of people listening to this interview, if they’ve ever heard of whole body vibration before, it may very well be that brand. You’re such an expert, in my opinion, because you’ve tested and tried out so many other whole body vibration machines out there. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with that and how they checked out, how they compared to the K1 Machine?

Bryant: Sure. I’ve tried over 17 different machines that I can’t mention here.   The professional ones, the home use ones, the expensive European models, and the cheap Chinese knock-offs. You’re right. The Plate, of all those that I’ve tried, is actually by far probably the biggest company. Not because they’re the best. It’s just they have the best marketing.

Lenette: Right.

Bryant: I won’t get into the dubious history of Plate, but it is made in China. They initially had a stainless steel machine that was made in Europe and then they brought it to China and said, “Hey, make it for us cheaper in large quantities.” And they’ve got really nice marketing. Don’t get me wrong. Their professional model, is pretty decent, but fundamentally of all those machines I mentioned, there are two major types of motion. You have machines that are linear or lineal or vertical, which move up and down like an elevator in one dimension and then you have the oscillating or pivotal or teeter-totter seesaw motion machine. So there are two fundamentally different types of whole body vibration machines. It’s important to note that the original Galileo, where a lot of the original research was done, was done on a pivotal machine. A lot of those borrowed research from Vladimir Nasarov and Carmello Bosco that all these companies put on their websites was done originally on the pivotal machines. That’s important to realize that a bulk of the research is actually on the oscillating motion, not on like the Plate.

The Plate calls it tri-planar, which is really a misnomer. It’s pretty much just pure up and down. You have like a millimeter of back and forth, side to side, but it’s more or less up and down like a linear. But that motion really isn’t all that natural, because think about it: if you’re going up and down in one dimension, your spine elongates then it contracts. Elongates and contracts. It’s like a pounding motion, like a jackhammer. Pound, pound, pound. For people that are really athletic and in good shape, that’s not a big deal. They can handle it. But for the bulk of America that’s out of shape or getting older, has aches and pains, I would absolutely avoid that motion because you’re gonna have a good chance you can hurt yourself. I know this from experience because I’ve talked to so many people on the phone, every day now for two and a half years, and I hear people complain about how the Plate or this model, the up and down motion, they felt sore or their neck hurt or their back hurt, hurt their knees. I’ve had a couple of people tell me it really hurt their knees. They got kind of turned off by whole body vibration, not knowing there’s another type of motion, which is the pivotal or oscillating, which really is more like the way we walk or run. We kind of shift our weight from side to side.

The pivotal vibration is a more natural movement. When you look at the linear or up and down motion, think of animals like kangaroos that bounce up and down. They have a completely different spinal system. They’re bouncing up and down in one dimension, but we’re not kangaroos. We shift our weight from side to side as we move. Our spine is not designed to be jumping up and down. You can jump rope, but even when you jump rope, you kind of skip from side to side a little bit. At least most people do if you look at them. What I’m trying to say is that when we move our bodies, whether it’s walking or running, we typically shift our weight from side to side, more like a pivotal motion.

Another important point with pivotal is that the center, the pivot point, is below the spine, which is the zero point. You don’t get that stress up the spinal column. With the Plate and other linear machines, the whole plate is moving up and down, so the spine along with everything else is getting the pounding. That means there’s a lot less stress on the spine and the neck along that zero point.

Lenette: Yeah, I tried out the professional, commercial Plate model. I went to my gym and got a training session, a 25-minute training session with that commercially-rated Plate and ultimately it did not feel comfortable. The trainer even asked me as soon as I got on, “Let me know if you feel nauseous,” and it does feel uncomfortable. The vibrations go straight to your head and your eyesight becomes blurry and I really felt like almost beat up that evening and the next day. I don’t think I could recommend that to many people I know, especially a 25-minute workout. It was a very odd feeling compared to the K1 machine.

Bryant: And I had Dr. Coco, a professional chiropractor, give me a comparison between the Plate and the K1 machine, and he overwhelmingly is for the Noblerex K1 over the Plate for the same reason you mentioned. Very uncomfortable. Also Dr. Winkler who I talked to told me he would never get a Plate for his home or his clinic. I just mention them because one’s a chiropractor and one’s a doctor, and actually Dr. Coco is a teacher. He has a chiroschool, so he actually teaches other chiropractors and he recommends the K1. He actually had double hip replacement surgery and the K1, where he was having trouble after surgery. He had a really tough time. He gained weight, couldn’t really get around that well, was in pain a lot and the K1, what he said was it really strengthened the muscles that were supporting his hips and he lost 10 percent body fat using the K1.

Lenette: Wow. Incredible.

Bryant: He didn’t like the Plate at all. It just aggravated his hips. Dr. Winkler also. So I’ve had some people…oh, let me just mention this. I almost forgot. Dr. Brent Pheland and Brigham Young University did a study of the Galileo, one of the premier pivotal machines that we mentioned before, versus the Plate and he found that the Galileo outperformed in every category the Plate that was tested. In fact, in some of the categories he tested, the Plate actually had more negative. They weren’t even neutral, but they were actually more negative than no change. So there is some even more recent evidence that the linear motion is not as effective as the pivotal. I mentioned the Galileo. Again, it’s a great machine and it does move in an oscillating motion, but it’s very expensive. It’s only maybe needed for professional sports teams. Those kinds of intensities that that machine will get and the amount of weight that it will handle is really not necessary for the average person. Plus, it’s $10,000, so it’s a little out of the ballpark. But it’s a good machine. It was the original and they still continue to make the machine, but to me the K1 machine for a quarter of the price you get 95 percent of the same benefits or more.

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K1 Whole Body Vibration: For All Ages and Fitness Levels

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Below is an excerpt from an interview with Bryant Meyers, an expert in whole body vibration and Noblerex K1 Whole Body Vibration imparticular. Bryant talks about how K1 whole body vibration has been so beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Lenette: It’s really for all ages then. It’s for people young and definitely for baby boomers or seniors 55 and better. It’s really impressive how many people can be helped by this.

Bryant: Yeah, I’ve had…I can’t remember her name. Someone ordered it. She was, I think, 19 or 20 years old. Of course, I’ve had parents with kids, kids as little as four or five years old. But a girl, she actually ordered it for herself. She was about 19 or 20. Then I have a guy, Lee Vale, who’s 97 years old who uses it.

Lenette: Wow.

Bryant: We’ve got…believe me, we’ve got the full spectrum that just want to get in shape. Younger people, they just want to lose cellulite or get more toned, feel better, get exercise but they don’t have time. For elderly people, I wish every senior citizen in this country could have one of these, or even as you’re approaching that, even for prevention, even way before, because it can prevent a lot of the reasons people end up in nursing homes or end up where they are in constant pain. You know, 80 million people in this country are in pain. That’s, gosh, that’s over 25 or almost 30 percent of Americans are in pain, chronic pain. Especially as you get over the age of 40 or 50, the percentage even goes up higher. So that we’ve seen can be reversed, and we have a lot of case studies, a lot of testimonials, with people reversing all forms of pain, like Rob Tillberg. He was supposed to get knee replacement surgery, or he’s thinking about it at least, and he was a catcher so he was squatting down for many years as a catcher and umpire for Olympic Little League. I think he was more of an umpire, but his knees were really bad and he told me…it was like after two weeks, his knee pain went away and he still hasn’t even considered knee surgery at all. Just a whole list of people with lower back pain. Lenny Coco had problems. He had double hip replacement surgery. We can get into a lot of testimonials, but that is one big area that people really suffer from is pain and lack of mobility into the golden years, where they just can’t hardly get out of a chair. They can’t move around. They need walkers, canes, wheelchairs. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Lenette: So the benefits for people using the Noblerex K1 for therapy and rehabilitation are huge and there are a lot of testimonials demonstrating that. What about for people who are a bit younger? They’re fit. They’re already in great shape. They have regular exercise routines and they’re probably wondering or they might question in the future. What is the difference between K1 whole body vibration and weigh training? Why can’t they just go out and lift heavier weights or weight train more often?

Bryant: Well, there’s a couple of reasons. Like we talked about before, this is whole body vibration, so all those other forms of exercise don’t get near. It’s not quite, but it’s almost upwards to 100 percent muscle recruitment, your involuntary and voluntary muscles. You get tonification of the muscles in your intestines, your small intestine, large intestine, your veins. There are so many muscles in your body, like the muscles for urinary incontinence. People lose control of their bladder. All those little muscles are involuntary and we really can’t control those, so even for younger people you’re getting a greater percentage of muscle recruitment which means it’s gonna have overall a better metabolic and fat-burning effect.

Even younger people…there are not many people who can honestly say to themselves, “Oh, yeah. I’m as toned and as fit as I ever want to be.” There’s always room for improvement. Another real nice benefit is that people get busy. This is a problem with today’s busy lifestyles. You might work out really religiously all summer. You’re going out every day and working out. All of a sudden fall comes or you get a new job and you get out of your routine and you’re like, “Oh my gosh. I haven’t been working out. I haven’t been exercising.” Well, this is only 10 minutes. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes? And you could have it right in your home so you don’t have to spend an hour going through traffic to the gym. Then you run into somebody at the gym and you start talking for an hour. Before you know it, you’re wasting a whole night at the gym. It doesn’t always happen that way. Then you’ve got to take a shower and come back. It’s just more time-efficient so you’re gonna be more likely to be consistent. I mean, I can say I use this every day except when I’m on a vacation because it’s easy. You can make it challenging, but it’s easy to do 10 to 20 minutes a day.

K1 Whole Body Vibration and cheaper machines

Bryant: The cheaper machines, basically what it boils down to is you feel stronger vibration. A greater amplitude means more intensity means a stronger vibration, so you can feel it better. You can feel it stronger. Some of the cheaper machines, because they only have a 10 to 11 millimeter amplitude, you stand on them and it’s more like a little buzzy noise. You’re not really getting that strong amplitude so it feels like a weaker vibration. It’s choppier. It’s weaker and the motors are weaker motors and they tend to break down easier. Like we said, those cheaper machines are out there, oscillating or pivotal, but this brings up the fifth reason. We have the choppy vibrations, the weaker amplitude and the weaker motors. What can happen when you stand on these cheaper machines…let’s say somebody weights like 200 pounds. The vibration will really start slowing down because the motor’s weaker, so you’re not getting the rating. If it’s rated for whatever frequency, the machine will just start slowing down because it’s too much weight. They don’t handle that much weight and the motors can burn out real easily because of that.

This actually does just apply to the K1 whole body vibration because I said the K1 is suitable for all ages, including people that are really fit. The people that are really fit would not get as much benefit from the cheaper machines, because again the weaker amplitudes mean less workout. Maybe some really elderly people, but even there, like I said, the vibrations are choppier. It would still be a little more uncomfortable. The K1 is really the few machines that I can’t think of any population that, unless somebody just can’t stand up at all. There are a few contraindications which you do get when you talk to someone like myself or you, we would tell the person the contraindications. But there are not many.


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Noblerex K1: K-1 Vibration Pictures from Arizona Show

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Last weekend we were in Prescott Arizona at a healthy lifestyle festival with our Noblerex K1!  We had such a fun time demoing the Noblerex to visitors of all ages and fitness levels.  People were on our two machines all day long and had so much fun on them.  Kids were loving the machines too – we had to cap them off at 10 minutes to let the adults have a turn!

Here are some things we heard from those who had a chance to try the Noblerex out: (Some people came 1-2 times each day all three days!)

“I thought it was amazing! I thought it was kind of silly when I looked over and I saw someone doing it, and then I had to come over and try it. It was just incredible how you feel; you feel stuff moving and releasing, I could fee tension being released from my muscles and my spine. It was awesome.”

“It feels great. I’m already really glad I came here. I wish I could just take this in my car.”

“I loved it. I want one!”

“I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“My back felt better after using it yesterday!”

“I need one of these!”