The Noblerex K1 – Not Just a Fitness Machine – Part 3

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Today we cover the last major area in which you can benefit from the Noblerex K1 Machine:

  • Physical Therapy

Get An Edge on Therapy with the Noblerex K1

The Noblerex K1 allows users with injuries or disability to benefit from exercise without the concerns of conventional exercise (such as stress on joints, ligaments or the cardiovascular system).  Training sessions of only 2-3 minutes, twice a week have produced measurable results.

Note: seeking advice from a physician familiar with whole body vibration exercise therapy is recommended.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise is quickly becoming an effective therapy and medical application in treating:

* Parkinson’s Disease
* Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
* Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
* Emphysema
* Osteoporosis
* Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism
* Fibromyalgia
* Incontinence
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Gait issues
* Restless Leg Syndrome
* Spinal cord injuries
* Diabetes
* Blood flow problems
* Muscle atrophy
* Neuromuscular reeducation
* Injuries: The elevated levels of Human Growth Hormone have been shown to help the body heal and repair after injury or surgery.


With Geriatric patients it can help:

* Improve balance
* Improve circulatory function
* Improve core strength
* Improve cardiovascular function
* Decrease risk of falling
* Enhance bone density
* Accelerate recovery following an injury

Have questions? Check out or FAQ page or Testimonials page and give us a call – 800-518-4272 -we’re happy to help!

Noblerex K1 Scam – Fraudulant Companies

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Noblerex K1 Scam

The Noblerex K1 Platinum is the most doctor recommended commercial grade whole body vibration machine on the market.

It is used by thousands of health practicioners, doctors and people worldwide. Due to the high demand there are a few companies that claim to sell the Noblerex K1 Platinum, but do not. They advertise the Noblerex K1 on their website, but when you call them they try to sell you something else or make up some excuse why they do not have the Noblerex K1 in stock and try to sell you another brand. There are two dishonest companies you should be aware of that will try to scam you: Medicom and Fitnesszone.

Medicom claims to sell the Noblerex K1 and they further claim to be the manufacturer. This is not the case at all… I should know, I found out the hard way and lost a lot of money. What they do is put the Noblerex K1 on their site, and they will even sell you a unit. But then, you wait and wait and no order received. You call them and they tell you that they are having problems with manufacturing and then try to sell you a cheaper machine… The old bait and switch. Don’t be scammed! Stay away from Medicom and other so called importers of the Noblerex K1.

Fitness Zone is a large fitness online store that sells a lot of different exercise equipment. Do NOT buy from these scammers. They also claim to sell the Noblerex K1 but if you call them they will try to sell you a DKN or another brand.

So don’t buy a Noblerex K1 from Medicom or Fitness Zone as both companies DO NOT carry the K1 and only try to sell you another brand.

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