What about vibration machine companies advertising a really high G-Force?

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So what about vibration machine companies advertising a really high G-Force? (15+ Gs)

Some companies advertise their machines to have exceptionally high (maximum) G Forces. For example, one company has tested their machine to measure at 17 Gs. Simply put, that means 17 times the force of gravity is put upon you, the user.  That is your weight times 17 on planet earth. And the more you weigh, or if you’re carrying some extra pounds, you are going to feel that pressure even more. As further reference, most vibration exercise machines under $5,000 have a G Force of 3-6 Gs.

At first glance, 17 Gs sounds like a much better deal. The more, the better, right? Well the truth is that most people simply cannot take that kind of intensity on their joints and ligaments, especially seniors. It’s a lot of pressure, and it’s causing so much up and down movement, it begins to feel more like a vertical/linear machine than a pivotal machine (please revisit questions #1 and 12 for information on vertical or linear machines). Most people will not feel comfortable at that strong of a vibration or they will not use the machine as much.

Let’s say you are an athlete though, in top shape, and can handle this G-Force. You don’t actually want to do vibration exercise at this intensity for more than 3 minutes, 3 times a week, or something similar to that. I have used the Galileo (the original pivotal vibration machine), and it was NOT comfortable. The trainer understood my discomfort and explained to me that his athletes only use the machine for 3-5 minutes at a time.

One last thing to think about…a home use machine (5K or less) with an exceptionally high G Force is going to break down much faster than an expensive machine (the Galileo is 12k) with an exceptionally high G Force or a home use machine with a moderate G Force. These machines are an investment, so you want the machine that you will be using the most for the longest amount of time.

G-Force is not everything..amplitude, comfort, durability, high-quality reviews, and all of the other aspects covered in this buyers guide are noteworthy too.

The Noblerex K1Machine has a max G Force of 9 and an impressive amplitude of 14. When you stand at the edges of the platform and it’s vibrating 7-28 times per second, this feels like quite the workout.  It’s a G Force and frequency that people can handle. Most importantly, it delivers the benefits of whole body vibration exercise as you can see on our testimonial site here. No need to pay more, or end up with, a machine with excessive G force you couldn’t handle.

Noblerex Reviews

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Are you looking for Noblerex reviews?  We would too.  Reviews are important and now-a-days, people look at reviews for books, supplements, bedsheets, and just about everything else under the sun.  And why not?  It’s better to know beforehand than buy something only to have to return it.

We have dozens of verifiable Noblerex reviews on our website that we encourage everyone to check out – 5 pages in fact -that are in written form, audio form, and even with before and after pictures.

On of the most important whole body vibration shopping tips we could give you is to look for verifiable Case Studies, Positive Customer Noblerex reviews and Testimonials.  Basically, does the machine work and give real results?

We are constantly gathering more because it’s so much fun to hear them and share with with you.

Check out our Noblerex reviews and give us a call anytime – 800-518-4272

Can I try a Noblerex K1 out near me?

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We get asked this question a lot: Where can I try a Noblerex K1? or Is there a Noblerex K1 in a gym near me?

The truth is, most of our machines are sold to individual people and not gyms.  We wouldn’t want to ask our customers to open up their homes to strangers to try out the Noblerex because would be inappropriate for us and awkward for them.

This is why we offer our 15 day money back guarantee. Check around and you’ll see that we are one of the few whole body vibration companies that do this.  With the vast majority of companies, once you buy it, it’s yours!

With us, you have 15 days from the day you receive your machine (and we want you to use up the entire 15 days) to evaluate how you feel with it and if this will be a valuable investment to you.  We think you’ll feel the difference in 1-3 days if you use it everyday.  We’re often told by customers that right away, they felt sore in places they’ve not felt sore before!

If you decide it’s not for you, you can simply give us a call and not only do we arrange for shipping back to us, but we pay for it! (If you’re in AK, AL, or Canada, we will pay for $150 of the shipping back.)  Once we inspect the returned machine, your money is issued back to you right away.

We hope this helps those of you who can’t try one out first.  That is our goal with this program.  We hope you’ll take advantage of our risk free guarantee as well as our friendly customer service and support!

Have more questions? Check out our Noblerex K1 Frequently Asked Questions page and give us a call anytime! 800-518-4272

Late April Testimonials on The Noblerex K1

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“Not only did I recommend it but I made a friend of mine buy one!  I’m happy, happy, happy.  I just wish you could invent it a way where we could carry it around with us!”

From Miriam P., NY

“No more popping or cracking in my joints first thing in the morning!  Overall muscle tone stayed good and strong in the winter.”

From Tony K., OR

“The Noblerex has allowed me to think more clearly, move with more flexibility, and make my butt look cuter!”

“Last year I used the Noblerex K1 for the first time at a doctor’s office.  I purchased the Noblerex for myself because I wanted to feel better about myself and experience the fun of toning my body without having to go to a boring gym.  After a few weeks, I noticed myself feeling healthier and more toned in areas of my body that are difficult to tone by using other exercise methods. The Noblerex has allowed me to think more clearly, move with more flexibility, and make my butt look cuter!  The support from the company has been excellent as well.  I would encourage everyone, if your health permits, to use this wonderful machine for easy and convenient benefits — you only need ten minutes per day to shape your new body.  I feel great after using the K1 machine after a long day at work, and my husband likes to use it first thing in the morning for energy to wake-up.  There is no need to push sales — the machine stands on it own  Many places try to sell you their product…this product sells itself!”


For more testimonials please check out our testimonial pages on our site and keep checking back on this blog :-) Give us a call with questions anytime!

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