Noblerex K1 Price

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Shown above are some of the vibration machines we’ve tried and tested.

People tend to look at the price first.  What about the Noblerex K1 price?  What makes it so different compared to other machines on the market?  Although it’s far from being on the high-end of vibration machines ($15,000+), we want you to understand a bit more about the quality of this machine and what makes the Noblerex K1 price seem like a bargain in the vibration exercise industry.

If you could try a Noblerex K1 Platinum side by side with any one of the above pictured units, as we have, you would see (and feel) there is just no comparison.  We were able to test many of the competing oscillating and linear vibration machines and the differences are huge!  The Noblerex K1 has a stronger and smoother vibration, feels better and more natural, and it is built with a stronger and more durable motor (so it will last MUCH longer). This is what makes the Noblerex K1 more costly to make and what sets the Noblerex K1 price.  If these features were not in place, the machine vibration would feel shaky, wobbly, choppy, unsafe, and most likely un-enjoyable to be on.  That would surely be a waste of money.

Also, getting a great one-hour workout in 10 minutes requires your machine have enough amplitude (rise and fall of the platform edge) to generate enough force.   When we tested 90% of the competing oscillating/pivotal systems under $10,000, only the Noblerex K1 matched the amplitude and intensity of the original whole body vibration machine, the Galileo.  Other units may be less expensive, but they lack the proper amplitude, which means you hardly feel like you are getting a workout.  This is another reason we believe so strongly in the Noblerex K1’s ability to deliver the results and benefits you’ve read about.  The Noblerex K1 price is well worth it to those who enjoy the full benefits of whole body vibration.

Most of the lower priced machines do not perform well because they just don’t follow the movement whole body vibration science is based on.  They are just platforms with a motor underneath; not really much of a whole body vibration at all.  Vibration machines under $1,000 tend to fall in to this category.  On the flip side, the more expensive machines ($5,000 and up) are priced unnecessarily high, especially if they’re not even commercially rated, or they’re just not necessary for the average person.  While there are some pretty nice vibration machines over $5,000, most people won’t spend or don’t have that type of money, even if they need it for therapeutic reasons.

The Noblerex K1 Platinum is the best vibration machine on the market for the quality, sturdiness, motor power and precision, safety, and price.  There’s no question about it. We personally stake our personal and professional reputation on the Noblerex K1 Platinum. We each own one ourselves and use it everyday too.

Don’t be fooled by cheaply constructed imitations–get the model closest to the original Galileo vibration machine that’s quieter, lighter, commercially rated, and best of all, the Noblerex K1 price is 1/4 that of the Galieo!

The Noblerex K1 price is just under $3,000, and that’s a value you can feel good about.  It has a sturdy construction and a quality motor.  So while the Noblerex K1 price is at a premium, it is the most similar in class to machines over $10,000 (like the Galileo and Vibraflex) – it’s actually quite a bargain.

Noblerex K1 Price

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Noblerex K1 Price:

Normally the Noblerex K1 price is $3495 + shipping but it is currently on sale.

The Noblerex K1 is on Sale for $2775 until February 15th with several bonuses (listed below).

Noblerex K1 Platinum Price includes:

Free Shipping

15 Day Money Back Guarantee which INCLUDES Free shipping back if you are not completely satisfied

Exercise Straps

Free Advanced Video Workout

Unlimited Support

Free Consultation

1 year+ warranty (call for details)

Also Qualify to earn $300 per referral

The Noblerex K1 Team