There just isn’t an easier or more efficient way to exercise!

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Getting an hour’s worth of exercise just by standing for 10 minutes a day while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But it’s not thanks to the revolutionary field of Whole Body Vibration exercise.  Chances are you haven’t heard of Whole Body Vibration fitness but many top athletes, government institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities have.

In fact, Whole Body Vibration machines have played a pivotal role in the feminine shapes of Jessica Alba, Madonna, Claudia Schiffer and Natalie Imbruglia. If you’re a woman, imagine what it can do for you!

And if you’re a guy looking to build your physique– take note that the US Olympic trainers as well as many professional and former athletes like Lance Armstrong, Daren Holmes (Atlanta Braves), David Cone (NY Mets), Eric Karros (LA Dodgers), LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), and dozens more swear by Whole Body Vibration exercise.

The past few decades have seen the explosion of exercise methods such as Yoga, Pilates, Tae Bo, spin, step and more. Whole Body Vibration on the Noblerex K-1 takes exercise and health to a whole new level and unlocks benefits that no other form of exercise can provide.

No weight-training routine can match the volume of contractions generated by Whole Body Vibration.   To put it simply– there just isn’t an easier or more efficient way to exercise.

  • 10 minutes (the equivalent of 60 minutes of regular exercise) makes it quick and easy to fit in a busy schedule.
  • Gives those who compete in sports or competitions a cutting edge against others not using whole body vibration technology.
  • Stimulates about 97% of your muscle fibers versus 45% in conventional exercise.
  • Contacts your muscles 7-28 times per second.
  • Accelerated training.
  • Suitable exercise even if you have an injury.
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
  • A perfect complement to any sport or exercise regimen.
  • Can be done in the home, gym or office.
  • You just stand on it and let the machine do all the work while you reap all the benefits!

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7 Ways the K1 Machine Works to Help You Lose Weight, Fat and Cellulite

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With the help of whole body vibration and the Noblerex K1 Machine, you can now sculpt and transform your physique without a lot of time, without strenuous exertion, and definitely without surgery or drugs.

The invention of the K1 Machine started with the discovery of whole body vibration by the Russian space program to help decrease bone loss and muscle loss in Russian cosmonauts while in space.  Since then, the K1 Machine has been found to help us in a variety of health areas, including weight loss and fat loss.  What great news for the majority of North Americans!!

The K1 Machine has been used in a professional weight loss clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, since early 2004 and since then, it has helped thousands of clients lose significant amounts of weight.  What’s more, the Noblerex K1 Machine is chosen and recommended by more doctors more than any other whole body vibration machine on the market because it is the safest, most efficient, and most economical model available.

There are 7 different ways using whole body vibration for just 10 minutes a day can lead to a trimmer, tighter you:

  1. Burns Calories: Exercise on the K1 Machine burns up a massive amount of calories in a very short period of time–up to 500 calories in 10 minutes!  The high rate of muscle contraction (up to 30 times per second) causes you to bun far more calories than you would during a normal gym session.  Also, more calories are burned because almost ALL of your muscle fibers are stimulated during vibration training, as opposed to just 45%.
  2. Boosts Metabolism: The K1 assists in creating a higher resting metabolism (your metabolism as you’re sitting down or sleeping).  This is absolutely crucial to weight loss success, especially if you’ve been routinely under-eating or already have a sluggish metabolism (for example, those with hypo-thyroidism).   A slow metabolism makes weight loss extremely difficult even with diet and exercise.
  3. Maintains and helps build lean muscle mass: The K1 Machine works to help maintain and increase your lean muscle mass.  In any weight loss program or diet, there is a danger of losing valuable lean muscle mass.  Increasing lean muscle mass means your body burns more calories throughout the entire day–not just during the workout.  The more calories you burn, the higher the potential is for dramatic weight loss.
  4. Boosts Human Growth Hormone: Research by renowned biomedical and exercise scientist, Carmelo Bosco, has shown that whole body vibration exercise boosts Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by 361%.  HGH is secreted by your pituitary gland and has been shown to generally decrease with age.  This decrease has been linked to a weakening of muscles and increased weight gain.  The K-1 naturally increases your HGH and helps to create a more toned, muscular, and lean body, among other benefits of HGH.
  5. Lowers cortisol: Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone and research has shown us that cortisol promotes weight gain, especially around the belly (a.k.a. belly fat).  Stress is also one of the main reasons that people experience accelerated aging and gain weight.  We all know how common it is to compulsively eat or overeat when stressed out.  Whole body vibration exercise can reduce your circulating cortisol levels by 30%, making the K1 Machine an ideal companion to a solid weight loss program.
  6. Improves Circulation and Blood Oxygenation: This significantly helps you shed and reduce the appearance of cellulite (and varicose veins!)  Oxygen is great fuel for your muscles and brain too!
  7. Improves lymphatic health: Your lymphatic system does not have a built-in pump like your heart and plays a large role in detoxification.  It and can accumulate fat deposits, toxins, and metabolic waste products that need to be flushed out quite frequently.  Waste means weight.  Rebounding or power-walking while swinging and pumping your arms is one way of flushing out your lymphatic system, but oscillating/pivotal whole body vibration is like rebounding on steroids!

This is why whole body vibration technology and the K1 Machine are revolutionizing the way people think about exercise–there is no other form of exercise that can do this!

Whether you’re male or female, young or old, healthy or unhealthy, whole body vibration exercise on the K1 Machine can positively improve your life in a dramatic way that affects almost every area of your life, because a trim, energetic, healthy body accomplishes so much more!  Get rid of that excess fat within weeks, not months. You can lose up to 17 pounds in 10 days. Check out the success stories and testimonials here and call us with questions or for a free consultation anytime: 800-518-4272.

Who Else Wants To Get in Better Shape in 10 Minutes a Day?

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Great news: The Noblerex K1 Vibration Machine is for those looking to lose weight and stay feeling young, healthy, and pain-free for decades to come – AND for those already fit and in good shape right now!

Exercising with the K1 Vibration Machine is an easy, efficient, highly effective, and safe solution for those looking to get even stronger, faster, and leaner in less time.  It’s truly accelerated training.  It’s an excellent alternative or addition to resistance training and exercise because of the wide range of health benefits too.   Advantages of using the K1 Vibration Machine for just 10 minutes just 3 times a week include increased muscle mass, improved circulation, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and mobility.

Again, the two main reasons the K1 Vibration Machine is so effective is:

1) the rapid vibrations cause muscles to contract and relax by natural reflex approximately 7-28 times per second and

2) these involuntary muscle contractions engage approximately 97% of muscle fibers, whereas conventional exercise engages around 45% of muscle fibers.

Improve your speed, agility, grace and flexibility as the Noblerex K1 helps strengthen joints, tendons, and ligaments and stretch your muscles.  You can raise your athletic ability and fitness to the next level in weeks, not months.  If you’re involved in sports such as martial arts, track, swimming, gymnastics, football and even golf, you’ll soon experience the wonderful speed and flexibility and better muscle control the K-1 Vibration Exercise Machine gives you.

For those already in good physical shape, you can ramp up your workout on the K1 Vibration Machine from the recommended 10 minutes a day to a 20-30 minute session once or even twice a day, making sure to give your body a 24 hour rest period between more intense workouts.

You can focus each session on the upper body, lower body, and/or core.  You can also add weights, medicine balls, elastic bands, stability balls, etc. to your exercise on the machine.  Hand straps are included with the K1 to allow a full range of upper body workout options.  As you progress, you can widen your foot stance to make the workout more challenging.

You can hold each position for 1-4 minutes long, depending on your strength and the particular position, and you can make each exercise a static hold or a dynamic hold.  Making the exercises dynamic (meaning you’re moving within the pose) definitely delivers quicker results.

The effects of over 80 different exercises are produced on the K1 Vibration Machine by making minor adjustments to body positioning.  This is definitely one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get in get in even better shape and maintain good health, not to mention keep you far, far away from osteoporosis and nursing homes :)

To read some testimonials of those who used the Noblerex K1 Vibration Machine for fitness and strength, just click here.

5 Different Ways To Exercise on a K1 Exercise Machine

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One of the major benefits of using the K1 Exercise Machine is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get in a high-quality workout.   Just 10 minutes of standing on the machine’s platform has been shown in studies to have the same effect as 60 minutes of exercise.   In fact, you can burn up to 500 calories in 10 minutes!   And you can reap maximum benefits of K1 vibration exercise with just 10 minutes per day, 3 times per week.

K1 vibration exercise, also known as whole body vibration, is so effective because 1) the rapid vibrations of the machine cause your muscles to contract and relax by natural reflex approximately 7-28 times per second, and 2) 97% of your muscle fibers are engaged compared to just 45% with conventional exercise.

There are 5 main ways you can use a K1 Exercise Machine to workout, and these can all be adjusted depending on your current ability and goals.  This instruction is applicable to all high quality oscillating, or pivotal, vibration exercise machines, such as the Noblerex K1, as opposed to a linear vibration machines, which are quite different.

  1. You can just stand on it.  Seriously.  The great thing is that the K1 Exercise Machine does the hard work and allows you to keep the exercises simple if you need to or want to. The vertical support can be used to maintain balance if necessary.  It’s best to make slight adjustments in your body position because this varies the muscle fibers used.  The muscle stimulation of dozens of different exercises are produced just by making these slight dynamic movements.   You can lean back or forward.  You can squat a little or a lot, or move from left to right.  You will find that you are working many of your core muscles just by standing on the platform, due to the unique movement of the Noblerex K1.
  2. You can vary the intensity of the vibration exercise machine.  You may want to use a pyramid method and go from low to high to low, or you might feel more comfortable starting out low and building up.   As you use your machine more, you will notice that certain positions work better at certain speeds than others.  For the K1 Exercise Machine, the lower intensity levels of 1-5  (7-26 Hz) are best used for muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, pain reduction, balance, coordination, rehabilitation, and neuro-muscular training.   The more intense levels of 6-10 (19-28 Hz) are best used for muscle toning, building muscle strength and power, and weight and cellulite loss.  Of course, you don’t have to use the highest speeds right away to get results; you can work your way up gradually and reap all the benefits of whole body vibration in the meantime.
  3. You can change the distance between your feet.  The wonderful thing about pivotal machines is that you have even more control over your workout because you are in complete control of the machine’s amplitude, or the rise and fall of the platform edges.  So the closer your feet are to the center of the platform, the less muscle extension is required.   The further apart your feet are (and closer to the edges of the platform), the more challenging the workout becomes.  The Noblerex K1 Exercise Machine has an amplitude of 15–that’s pretty intense!
  4. You can hold different exercise positions.  If you want to target a certain area such as thighs, glutes, or abs, position your legs or body in a position that works those areas.  Start by holding the positions for 1-3 minutes each, depending on the position and your strength.  Choose positions such as a squat, plank, side plank, lunge, downward dog, or calf raise and use a digital timer so you know exactly how much time you have left to hold each one.  Holding positions like this is called doing a static position.  You can also do dynamic positions though, where you move within the pose.  These can be very challenging to do for even one minute.  Some examples of dynamic moves are pushups, lunges, and step ups.
  5. You can ramp up your workout.  Take your workout on the Noblerex K1, or whatever vibration exercise machine you have, to the next level by increasing your duration from a 10 minute session per day to a 10-20 minute session twice a day.   Just make sure to give your body a 24 hour rest period between more intense workouts.  As you get stronger and can hold positions for longer periods of time, you can add weights, medicine balls, elastic bands, etc.  Hand straps are included with the Noblerex K-1 to allow a full range of upper body workout options.

You will find your own rhythm and routine that works best for you after a few weeks of using your K1 exercise machine.  Have fun and enjoy your workouts from now on :)

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