K1 Machine Making the Wrinkles on His Neck Disappear

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Click the play button below to hear Stan say why he is loving the K1 Machine so much:

Stan's K1 Machine Testimonial

Here is the transcribed version of his K1 Machine testimonial for those of you who would want to read it instead:

My name is Stan Saloff I’m from Longpoke, California. I’ve had my machine about 3 weeks. I love it. I’m only on the second automatic level.

The first thing I noticed when I was on the first level was my neck muscles were sore, because I never exercised my neck. So now all the wrinkles are gone from my neck. And I figure women would love something like that.

And my legs are much stronger. I can walk up and down steps without any problems. I just feel better, and sleep better. I actually sleep a lot better. I’m surprised to see that happen, I didn’t expect that to happen. So I’m sleeping better, I’m just feeling better.

I’m all excited; I’m ready to go to the third level now and see what that does, And then start looking into specific exercises. And I’m 69 years old, so I’m no spring chicken as they say…But everything is just really fine. I just want to say thanks for a great machine.

Stan S. From Lompoc, CA

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