Whole Body Vibration Machine Testimonial: Noblerex K1 Surpasses All Expectations

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Today we have a review on our Noblerex K1 whole body vibration machine brought to you by our customer, T.M. , who has had the K1 machine for 7 months now. He submitted this testimonial to us yesterday in an email:

“The Noblerex K1 has surpassed all my expectations…..and I had very high expectations.

I’m 63. I’ve been using the Noblerex K1 for about 5 months. I normally use it once a day, 2 to 3 times a week, for 10 minutes a session.  I rarely use it twice a day. Aside from occasional, leisurely walking, about once a week, this is the only form of exercise I do.

I am in good health and have no physical, medical, or weight problems. I take no medications whatsoever and follow a holistic life style. I eat very little meat, and basically follow a vegetarian diet.

So why the Noblerex K1?  What has it done for a senior like myself? How could it benefit someone like myself who basically doesn’t seem to need it? This machine seems to be turning back my biological clock.  I now have the physical strength I had in my early fifties and feel myself getting stronger by the week.  I certainly don’t expect to reverse the aging process.  At this point, however, I am VERY curious as to how much stronger I will get. I have experienced these results in 5 months. What kind of benefits could I gain in the next 5 months? In the next year? In the next 2 years? What would happen if I increased my exercise frequency from 2–3 times a week to 4–5 times a week? 2–3 times a day?  As my strength improves, what would happen if I added on swimming and hiking regimens?  Could I possible regain the physical strength I had in my 40′s? 30′s? 20′s?  It sure will be interesting and fun to find out. Of course, my stamina, energy level, concentration, and general sense of well-being have increased as well.

How am I so sure of these are bona fide improvements and not wishful hype?

My wife. No man can fool his wife……not after 40 years. She is astounded at my improved muscle tone; and yes gentlemen, she is very pleased with my improved performance.

I confidently recommend this whole body vibration machine to anyone who has the means to afford it.”

T.M.  Candler NC

K1 Machine Making the Wrinkles on His Neck Disappear

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Click the play button below to hear Stan say why he is loving the K1 Machine so much:

Stan's K1 Machine Testimonial

Here is the transcribed version of his K1 Machine testimonial for those of you who would want to read it instead:

My name is Stan Saloff I’m from Longpoke, California. I’ve had my machine about 3 weeks. I love it. I’m only on the second automatic level.

The first thing I noticed when I was on the first level was my neck muscles were sore, because I never exercised my neck. So now all the wrinkles are gone from my neck. And I figure women would love something like that.

And my legs are much stronger. I can walk up and down steps without any problems. I just feel better, and sleep better. I actually sleep a lot better. I’m surprised to see that happen, I didn’t expect that to happen. So I’m sleeping better, I’m just feeling better.

I’m all excited; I’m ready to go to the third level now and see what that does, And then start looking into specific exercises. And I’m 69 years old, so I’m no spring chicken as they say…But everything is just really fine. I just want to say thanks for a great machine.

Stan S. From Lompoc, CA

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New Vibration Exercise Machine Testimonial from Janis S.

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“I absolutely love it! I’ve decided I’m not going to grow old gracefully!”

“Hi, this is Janis Spangler from Gahanna, Ohio. I will be 65 years old July 9th.  Since I’ve gotten my Noblerex machine, I’ve been using it every other day to let my muscles build and I absolutely love it.
I’ve seen some muscle mass starting. I’ve decided that I’m not going grow old gracefully; and so since I’ve been using the machine I have more energy…I can’t wait until the next experience to get on the machine to work the muscles. It’s absolutely wonderful and I’ve been telling all my friends about it and I just absolutely love it. I’m seeing that the muscle mass is strengthening.
The energy level and everything is starting to really build in me again. Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell you about the Noblerex machine. Again, I absolutely love it and can’t wait until I can get on it again the next day. Thank you.”

Listen to this testimonial by going to our Noblerex testimonials website here.

Thank you Janis!

The Noblerex vibration exercise machine helped Ioana sleep better after the first week

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“After just one week of using the Noblerex K1, I started sleeping better”

“My friend, Terri has a Noblerex K1 vibration exercise machine and I tried it at her office. I was so impressed about the deep healing that happened in my body in only 10 minutes. The third time I tried it, I was fighting a head cold and I was feeling really bad. My balance and eyesight were impaired and I had a lot of pain in my head. One hour after I used the Noblerex K1, it was ALL gone. Pain in my head, lack of energy, everything. I had more energy that I normally had. That moment, I realized I had to get one. I had no idea how but I was sure it was going happen.