An Important Note on Medical Approval and Therapeutic Use

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If you are looking to buy a whole body vibration machine for therapeutic use– whether it be for osteoporosis, neuromuscular retraining, extreme weight loss, balance, or general rehabilitation, you may want to take note: not all whole body vibration machines are actual medical devices nor designed for therapeutic purposes.  This is even stated in some of their user manuals in bold, all-caps type.  Therefore, these are probably not the machine for those looking to use whole body vibration for therapy.

To ensure you get a safe machine that is proven to work, is of actual institutional quality, and is registered with the FDA, we recommend getting a medically rated and approved whole body vibration machine like the Noblerex K1.  This may cost more than machines selling for $2000 or less (these are dubious machines, but we’ll leave that for another blog post), but the benefit is that the Noblerex will hold up and give you exactly what the specs on the site claim.  Most importantly, it will be a safe machine for therapeutic use.

In fact, the Noblerex is the only medically rated and approved oscillating machine on the market.  You can even write it off on your taxes as a medical expense if you wanted to – and we’d certainly recommend it!  The Noblerex K1 has been found by doctors at a medical clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, to be the safest, most efficient, and most economical model that they could purchase.  It is actually recommended by more physicians than any other whole body vibration machine on the market.

Also, for those with bad backs and knees, or for those who want to gently move lymph without any vibration to their upper body, we strongly recommend looking at pivotal/oscillating vibration machines like the Noblerex K1 and avoiding vertical machines with piston-like vibrations that can harm already weak or compromised backs and knees.  Often, the people that have bad backs who cannot handle excess vibration or force on their spine are the ones that will return the linear models and buy the oscillating type.

We hope that helps those of you who are doing a lot of research out there for this investment in their short term and long term health.  Call us with questions anytime!  800-518-4272 (800-K1-VIBRATION).

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  • lenettenakauchi

    Thanks so much – this helps a lot!

  • Lauana

    I’m strongly considering purchasing the Noblerex K1. Would love to hear comments from those who have.

  • Duffy

    Fractured my hip 06/2012, and surgeon implanted a titanium rod in hip socket, down into thigh bone. Therapy did not bring me close to normalcy (still limp). Will K-1 help or Hinder me? 87 year old male,