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The Noblerex K1 burns calories

Man Loses 50 Pounds using the K1 once a day for 10 minutes

Noblerex K1 for Strengthening the Hip and Reducing Pain

Dropped over 100 lbs and Put on 35 lbs of New Lean Muscle!

pruzanky testimonial"In June 2006, my weight was at an all-time high of 329 lbs and my health and fitness was definitely at an all-time low. Since adopting a healthier diet and exercise program, including using the Noblerex K-1 for 20-40 minutes per day, I have dropped down to 210 lbs (35 of which is new lean muscle!). I absolutely can't say enough about the K-1 and what it has done for my body and muscle tone. I love the way it makes me feel while on it and afterwards. Just standing on it and making slight movements really changes the way it works on me – all I have to do is let the machine do all the work. I love using the Noblerex as often as I can – even 20 minutes twice a day. And whenever I travel, I love to stop by all of my friend's homes where there's one to use!!"

Lucien Gauthier, WI

"It works as advertised! We're very, very happy with it"


Tom Joiner, NC

""Not only did I recommend it but I made a friend of mine buy one! I'm happy, happy, happy. I just wish you could invent it a way where we could carry it around with us!"


Miriam P, New York

Raw Food Guru David Wolfe Talks About the Noblerex K1

pruzanky testimonial"...I definitely notice there is something amazing that that machine does and it seems to vibrate certain toxins out of your system that nothing else can get to."

David Wolfe


"The customer service has just been over-the-top-amazing!"

I got my Noblerex K1 about 10 days ago and I LOVE IT. (I kind of had to back off a little because I over did it the first few days since it was just so darned fun to feel the vibes go through different muscles in my body!) Now I am only doing it once a day and can feel a difference in my over all body strength and energy levels. I can feel what it is doing to my lymph system and you just can't get this kind of activation any other way! As a holistic health consultant and body worker, I consider this a major breakthrough for the future of holistic healing modalities. (Now I am just waiting to see what it does for my waistline. (I am waiting to see what it does for my waistline , so I will get back to you on that one :) 

One thing that pleasantly surprised me was the "over the top" extreme customer service. I have had many phone calls and e-mails first letting me know when I would receive my machine and helping me get it from the main road to my house because there was a road restriction on my road, and then after it arrived, were there to help with any questions I might have. I have never seen a company that was so in touch with the customers and really there for support. (And to my surprise, they all speak English and I could understand them!) You're the Best!


LauraLee M, WA

"I have a history of lower back problems and I find that using the Noblerex really lets me exercise without pain. I look forward to using it – I think it's the highlight of my day."


Joe P, SC

Dr. Lenny Cocco Shares His Experience Using the Noblerex K1

shalomar testimonial"I have had both my hips replaced and the K1 has really strengthened all the muscles around my hip so I can walk and stand for long hours again. The second thing the K1 has done for me is that I lost 10% body fat, and my muscle mass has increased and flab and fat all over my body has decreased significantly. This has been the best all around machine I have ever used!"

Lenny Cocco

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"…My Clothes Are Literally Hanging Off Me!"

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Sharon Hale, WI

"I was using a friend's machine, the Vibraslim, and there's no comparison, absolutely none. I'm really impressed so far."


Romelle A, FL


Gained 12 lbs of Pure Muscle and Was Lifting 1 ½ Times More Weight in His First 3 ½ Months!

shalomar testimonialIn 3 months, I've gained more than I have in 10 years at my racquetball club! I am about one and one half times as strong as I was before the K-1. 10 minutes on the K-1 in the morning enhances my entire day and makes everything easier for me. It enhances everything that I do and makes those things almost effortless!

I see people using the K-1 looking younger, stronger, and better. They become more motivated, happier, more creative, and more productive. It's awesome. I've never seen anything like it."

Jon Shalomar, Mount Shasta, CA

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The Only Whole Body Vibration Machine I Recommend

ragnar testimonialI've never gotten such effective warm-ups and warm-downs as I've gotten with the K1. All my supporting muscles, tendons, ligaments get a nice massage. The K-1 is the ONLY Whole Body Vibration Machine I recommend.

Peter Ragnar, Gatlinburg, TN

Gains Rock-Hard Muscles and Big Increases in Strength

pruzanky testimonialThe K1 is the most amazing fitness tool I have ever used! Within 3 weeks of using it I noticed a big increase in muscle strength and size. The muscles in my upper body, much to my surprise became almost rock hard. Everyone who knows me is shocked at the difference that one month has made. Every single person who has tried my K1 has been blown away by what just 10 minutes can do.

Seth Pruzansky, Bowdoinham, ME

I have used other body vibrational machines which are by far more expensive and I achieve the same or better results with the Noblerex K1.

pruzanky testimonialDear Bryant, I appreciate your help in purchasing my Noblerex vibration machine. I have been using this unit in my office mostly as an aid for weight loss and physical exercises for those who are not able to jog, run, walk, and have limitations. I have had great results with all individuals.

I myself have used the vibrational therapy for the past 10 weeks and have lost 2 dress sizes (from 14 to 10) and am very pleased with the results. There are other physiological benefits which vary with different individuals. I would like to tell you that I have used other body vibrational machines which are by far more expensive, like the Proellixe, and I achieve the same or better results with the Noblerex K1. I would like to thank you again for your help and assistance.

Jamie N., D.C.

M.S. Sufferer Throws Away Her Cane and Loses NINE Inches on Her Waist. Read the Touching Story of How the Noblerex K1 Transformed This Beautiful Woman's Life

patije testimonialHaving been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1970, I've had a long 30 years of exacerbation-remittance episodes with the disease. I tried for 37 years to lose the excess weight which was making me obese. I tried every "diet" I heard about...was on many diets prescribed by my medical doctors and even was taking prescribed diet "pills' for up to three years. The pills dried up the tear ducts and caused dry eyes; dried up my saliva until I had multiple dental problems and did NOT help me lose any of the weight. I often left the medical doctor's office in tears because he would not believe me when I said I followed his diet but didn't lose anything! 

For 30 + years I tried anything and everything, I begged the doctors AND Neurologists to believe me and find the solution to my weight and inability to lose it. None had any answers. Fasting didn't help. Because of the Multiple Sclerosis, exercise was too big a challenge and could lead to fatigue which could lead to worsening of symptoms. With the help of a cane, for balance, I could walk from the house to the car, into a restaurant and back to the car... but I could not stand on my feet long enough to shop for groceries, prepare meals for my family, or do much "housekeeping" or anything else.

Then during one of our MS support meetings another MS patient told me she saw a demonstration of a whole body vibration machine on TV which was supposed to help people like me (who could not jog, walk very far, do aerobics or other exercises) but couldn't remember what it was called. I went home and began to browse the Internet for information. I found a lot of information including a K-1 machine for sale on eBay! I wrote to the seller--turned out it was you, Bryant, and you were living in my hometown!!!! I made an appointment for a demonstration and within a couple of weeks had withdrawn money from my IRA to purchase one for myself. When I bought the K-1, I was using a cane, as prescribed by my doctor to prevent falls due to loss of balance.

I started out slowly, When I started, my balance was so poor that when I stood on the platform, I held on for dear life, fearing the vibration would send me flying off the machine. Sitting on a chair, I leaned down and rested both hands on the base for up to 5 minutes. Sometimes I would sit directly on the machine for 5-10 minutes. Gradually I lost my fear of falling off the machine if I stood on it..but I was careful to plant my feet carefully and hold on for balance.

The K-1 machine has done wonders for me. Now I can stand with my hands in my pockets and even turn around to some of the other positions recommended by the chart that came with the machine. Within a couple of months I was no longer using a cane, I was walking half a mile around the neighborhood park jogging trail and discovering that my clothes were getting loose! 

I think I bought the machine in February and by July was walking 4 miles a day and no longer using a cane. My clothing went from "Triple X" size to "large" and you can imagine my delight at discovering I'd lost 9 inches around my stomach/hips and 4 1/2 inches around my upper arms. My energy had increased and I could now accompany my husband to the supermarket and enjoy shopping again!

Using the Noblerex K-1 machine really is an easy way to exercise in my own home without over using my muscles and causing an MS exacerbation. Using the Noblerex K-1 machine for 10 minutes 3 times each day helped me learn to balance and gave me the ability to control my gait, energized me to enable me to walk longer distances and helped me begin to lose some of the 278+ pounds I'd carried most of my life. I can now get up off the floor without help and walk sideways to a seat in an overcrowded theater! Over a 6 month period I did lose 60 pounds!

I believe that money spent for the K-1 is doing much more good for me than having it in an IRA! I am pleased that I have the machine and can use it. I feel it is an answer to a long uttered prayer and highly recommend it.

At 68 years of age, I have a new expectation of life..each day I'm growing younger instead of older!

Patije Styers, Sarasota, FL

Lady Goes From a Size 12 to a Size 6!

When I began using the Noblerexk1 I was into a size 12 and when I looked into a mirror I felt like I was in someone else's body. I am now comfortably in a size 6 and my friends and family say that I look healthier than they have ever seen me look. I hold a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and understand the vital importance of lymph drainage and bone density- especially at my age- so I use the NoblerexK1 for these extraordinary benefits as well. And the icing on the cake for me is that I can also get a massage. So these days I enjoy a healthy diet and I know I am taking care of my body on a multitude of levels with minimal effort in a few minutes a day. I wholeheartedly recommend the Noblerexk1 to all who now ask "what is your secret?"

Kathryn Angel

Cramping Gone, White Hair Turns Black and Bones as Strong as Steel

The K-1 exerciser has been phenomenal. The amazing benefits started the first week. For four years, I had $200 special massages to break up the blockages in my body and also stop my feet from cramping and the toes from contorting every time I was in my exercise class, but the cramping was getting worse. The cramping finally disappeared the first week on the K-1, and I no longer have to stop while exercising to release the toes. For the past 29 years, I have had back and hip problems due to a freak accident. I had a big lump on the side of my neck which the massages and chiropractics never took away for long. The lump also disappeared in the first week. I've also had a vertebra between my shoulder blades that always felt as though it was popped backwards out of alignment. When I was told how to sit on the machine, this problem disappeared in a couple of days.

Within a month, the white hair became less noticeable. I was told impossible, but five months later the one-inch wide distinctive stripe is gone and my hair is getting darker. A friend who has been trying to get me to shape up for fifteen years said that this is the first time I'm developing muscles in the abs area and that I have more curves where I should and losing where I should. Also I noticed that briefly laying on my stomach on the K-1 is great for the bowels.

The best news is that when I took a couple of falls, my hips and back didn't go badly out leaving me in excruciating pain like it had in the past. The one accident is unbelievable. I slipped off the top of some wet stairs (5 stairs up) with a heavy door pushing me. Instead of bumping down on my rear end, I somehow was turned face up and was propelled through the railing and time seemed to stop as I looked at the sky while floating on my back before being dumped on the ground. When I was younger, my hips and entire spine would severely go out of alignment with each fall, often taking a year or more to recover. Fourteen years ago when I flipped on my back in a skating accident, my upper tailbone split and separated. Although I finally have a great chiropractor, I know that the combination of the K-1 and my daily raw super green/fruit smoothie concoctions also helped to save the day by making my bones stronger.

Although I was exercising and having plenty of nutritious raw food, prior to the K-1 I didn't seem to have the results I should have had. The K-1 has simply made everything good I was doing work so much better!

Naomi Moy

Gained Muscle & Shed Fat & Inches off Problem Areas

The K1 is just what I have been looking for! I have used it for about 5 months now, and the results have been phenomenal. I have been able to tone and tighten my body, gaining muscle while losing fat and inches off those hard to target problem areas.

The machine is simple and easy to use; I look forward to using it every day. It has also helped me with overall health, giving me more energy and completely relieving my carpal tunnel symptoms. I wholeheartedly believe in this product!

Jessica Nielsen, Asheville, NC

I'm Ordering a Second K1 for My daughter!

What an amazing continuing transformation of my health and body shape after purchasing the Platinum Noblerex K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine. I have used it for 9 months. I also changed to healthy eating habits. To date I have lost 24 lbs and am wearing 3 sizes smaller. Using the K-1 for 1 hour a day has strengthened my muscles, my knees quit aching and my back is stronger. I am almost 67 and have great energy. I still run my business and feel wonderful. Another great benefit is having a health professional to call for assistance at any time you have a question. I am ordering a second one for my daughter.This will be the best gift for her future health and well being. YOU GOTTA GET ONE!!!!! Healthy and Happy in Calif.

Kathy Houg

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