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"In June 2006, my weight was at an all-time high of 329 lbs and my health and fitness was definitely at an all-time low. Since adopting a healthier diet and exercise program, including using the Noblerex K-1 for 20-40 minutes per day, I have dropped down to 210 lbs (35 of which is new lean muscle!). I absolutely can’t say enough about the K-1 and what it has done for my body and muscle tone. I love the way it makes me feel while on it and afterwards. Just standing on it and making slight movements really changes the way it works on me – all I have to do is let the machine do all the work. I love using the Noblerex as often as I can – even 20 minutes twice a day. And whenever I travel, I love to stop by all of my friend’s homes where there’s one to use!!”

Lucien Gauthier, WI


I have been using the K1 Noblerex Platinium Whole Body Vibration exercise machine for just over a year. I am 68 years young and feel so fantastic all the time. I don’t have any pains in my body. I feel solid as a rock in my lower body, core and upper body. I had an irregular heart beat and it was so bad I almost had open heart surgery but decided to get a 2nd opinion and kept on exercising on the K1. I feel great and have not had a sign of irregular heart beat (afib) arterial fibrillation. My heart beat is around 62 beats a minute and my blood pressure averages 120/72. The K1 is the best investment I have made in my life.

Frank Esparza


If I had to sum up the K1 in three words they would be; Best Thing Ever! I have noticed a great deal of change and progress since the K1 became a part of my daily routine. My posture has improved, the K1 now replaces at least one cup of coffee that I normally would drink with naturally produced energy instead, and for some reason my chronic headaches have subsided. I am not a morning person. I never have been. But, now when I leave the house to start my day I have a renewed sense of life and a healthier, positive attitude. This never occurred before I got my K1. It’s also toning my muscles into the contoured body that I once had when I was younger and I love it because my muscles get the workout that they need without having to use my precious time to labor away at the gym. As a matter of fact, the K1 acts as my meditative focus. Using it is a great time for me to reflect on my day and clear my mind. I work in a demanding job that requires mental focus and quick thinking on my feet. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I just jump on the K1 for 10 minutes and I use that time to center myself. When the ten minutes are up I always feel refreshed, clear headed and physically energized. Actually, some of my best ideas come to me while I am using the K1. So I guess you could say that the K1 is also helping my career as well as my body and mind. What a wonderful invention!

Alex Greer


I never finish my workout regiment until I hop on the K1. It’s like the icing on a cake when it comes to toning and firming my muscles. Working out at the gym creates a lot of stress on my body so the K1 helps to relax my muscles while still keeping them active. It’s the best possible way to supplement my workouts. Sometimes I have to skip my routine and whenever that happens I’m thankful that I have a K1. I do my push-ups and crunches on the K-1 and it acts as a fast replacement that always gives me great results. I’m staying fit with my K1!

Matt Villalvazo


As a single mom of two kids with no time to work out and 8 hours a day behind a desk, I realized that I was no longer in shape and definitely overweight. I was tired of feeling 'stuffed' into my clothes and being afraid to wear a swimsuit. I started to use the Noblerex K-1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine for just 10 minutes on my lunch hour. The feeling of working out (without the time, sweat, and pain!!) was terrific. The boost in serotonin made me feel great and helped me to make better choices in what I ate. The arthritis pain in my knees decreased so much that taking walks and bike rides with the kids became fun again. I lost 30lbs in 3 months! That's a size 14 down to a 6 - I feel terrific! I'm more toned and firm now than I was before kids! It's been over a year now since I first stepped onto the K-1. I use the K-1 at least 5 times per week, just once a day for 10 minutes. The weight is staying off and I feel better than ever.

Joni P.
Phoenix, Az



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